Sunday, October 17, 2010

Maredo and More

During our last European tour together with Kells (fr) and ReVamp, we went twice to a restaurant called 'Maredo'. The first time we went was in Berlin, the second time it was in Vienna.

Since most of the guys are absolute carnivores, Maredo seemed a good choice for all of us to get our kicks. However, I decided to go twice for the Salmon-Spinache-Gamba dish. I don't eat a lot of meat in general, maybe twice a week at the max. The salmon was juicy and the spinach was nicely spiced. I enjoyed it so much that I got Floor (ReVamp) to order it as well when we where there together in Vienna.

Here's what my meal looked like:

Coen wanted to know what I was eating.
Here are some other pictures which were taken that day;

Floor and me on our way to Vienna
'Cyclops Floor'
The Opera Toilet was a sensation
Almost bought this sweet suitcase....

Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Day In Munich

Today (the 8th of October), we had an off day in Munich. Yesterday we had a lovely show in the 'Backstage'.

The weather forecast said that today would be a sunny day, but when we woke up, it was more like 'Sleepy Hollow'. We decided to take an umbrella, just to be sure.

Taking the S-bahn to 'Marienplatz', we were surprised to see that the sky was opening slowly. Let the sun shine, let the sun shine in....
Doesn't this look nice? An off day with sun is so much nicer.

I was really looking forward to our off day in Munich. I've been there already a couple of times, but didn't see as much as I'd wanted to. I put on a pair of very comfy boots, so that I could walk without cursing at my shoes.

After sniffling around at the Marienplatz, we went to the 'Residenz', where we heard a lovely voice. She's from the Ukraine and was singing songs from her father land. Really lovely. Her voice gave me goosebumps.

After wandering through Munich, we needed a refreshment:

We bought some 'sugar burnt' Macadamia nuts (don't know the official English name for it) before we got a seat at this lovely cafe. Macadamia nuts are my favorites! Too bad that they are heavily over priced.

We only got a drink, Oliver decided to go for an Ice Cafe. I got a really nice drink, which I only had once before in my life; 'Sanfter Engel' (Soft Angel). It's orange juice, with a shot of some kind of alcohol and vanilla ice cream. It is divine!

Check out 'little red sitting hood' in the middle of the square :)

Time for dinner at the 'Ratskeller'.

We were originally searching for a restaurant where I already went to some years ago, but were so tired that we decided to go eat here. We were happy that we did, because this place is amazing! We both ordered 'Käsespätzle', of which I only ate 1/3... It is very tasty, but also very heavy.

I hope you like my blog post. If you ever get the chance to visit Munich, please do so. It is beautiful!


Saturday, October 2, 2010

I'm singing in the rain

Hi guys,

During our show in Poznan (Poland), we had a little accident with some water, causing some what of a scene... Luckily my mic was ok and nobody slipped on stage. It could have ended badly.

Yesterday, when we were in Katowice, some fans gave me a very useful gift:

In case it would start to rain on stage (you never know), next time I'll be prepared. Thanks folks!

Yesterday I decided to go for a more old style make up look; Pin Up Style. A classic red lip with a classic eyeliner, very subtle eye shadow and well defined eyebrows.

Here's a closer look:
Products used:
  • Bobbi Brown gell eyeliner
  • Hema waterproof liquid eyeliner
  • MAC Brulee e/s
  • MAC Shroom e/s
  • MAC Texture e/s
  • On the lid and for eyebrows MAC Swiss Chocolate e/s
  • MAC Redd lipliner all over
  • MAC Russian Red lipstick
  • MAC Eyelashes nr. 7 

These pictures were taken after the show, hence the not so perfect make up anymore. On the last photo you can see the eyeshadow a bit better.

Hope you like it!