Saturday, February 19, 2011

Smoon's Snoepjes (Smoon's Candies)

Hello Smoonsmurfs,

It has never been a secret that I love candy. Call me Candy Queen. What I'm about to tell you, is a story that my dad has told me many times.

My sister, Janneke, was born on my second birthday in '87. When we were in the hospital, he asked me what I wanted to have for my birthday present. Where as many little children would pick out a big fluffy teddy bear, I wanted to have the biggest Smarty box they had. That is where it all started. People around me are always shocked when they see how much candy I eat. I am happy that it doesn't affect my weight. My dentist is not so happy...

I don't eat Smarties anymore. Once in 3 years I eat a couple, just for the memory. I prefer the normal M&M's.

My current obsession:
These are so tasty! They contain 6 flavors; Lemon (my favorite), Cherry, Strawberry, Raspberry, Pear and Huckleberry. I am consuming way too many of these! Be ware! These are highly addictive!

Katjes, yes yes yes!



  1. *u* the candies es the best thing in the world *u*
    always good to sweeten life
    but as they say, everything in excess is bad :(


    take care beauty !

    kisses from Chile ♥ :)

  2. i'm addicted to candies as well :)
    loved the "Smoonsmurf" thing haha


  3. Ahaha I'm the same way. I have a huge stash of Pixie Stix, Fun Dip, Smarties, Sweet Tarts, and Leamonheads in my dorm room. During midterms I live off of candy...but sugar seems to help me focus, so I guess it's a good thing? Hahaha.

    Also, have Smarties always been made by Nestle, or is there some difference between American Smarties and Dutch Smarties that I'm just not aware of?

  4. Hi, Candy Queen.
    I love candies too. Recently I discovered the Jelly Belly Beans, it's amazing, have so many flavors, my favorite is butter popcorn flavor, is so funny eat a candy with this flavor! :D
    My english isn't so good, i'm sorry for that, I hope you understand ;)

  5. Oh yeah, I'm addicted to candies too.
    But I have to admit that I've never eaten these youghurt gums from Katjes before :O
    Maybe I should try them out some time soon.

  6. Since 2 years old the sign that you'll the the (Candy) Queen were so clear.
    I knowm how it is to love a lot candies.I went to dentist for the very first time at 4 years old :") And I still go,even it passed 12 years since then.
    M&M's are simply addictive,and I'll search your 'current obsession' :')

  7. you are as lucky as me!
    I have no weight problems! But i don't like sweets, i don't like their tastes. :(

  8. I love candieeees, Candylovers club :P

    I always sing with the commercial- Katjes, yes, yes, yes :-D

    Hugs from Slovakia :)

  9. Candy... the one thing i will never get over ;)
    I actually have my mom send me Yogurt-Gums, some Haribo and Kinderschokolade to Japan =)
    I just can't be without it!

    PS: I'm born in 87 too :)

  10. Haha, you're just like my friend, who eats unbeliavable much candy. And still she is so thin! Life's not fair.. :P

  11. I love candys and chocolate :D I ate ones something similar, but its not a gum, its just candy jeejejejeeje!!

    Take care.

  12. hi candy queen hehe the subname is perfect for you :)hehe

    I love the candies yummy ¡¡¡¡¡¡
    I want the gums in my mouth all the flavors are tasty ¡¡¡

    Have a nice Day pretty

    Miriam Denisse

  13. I like candies it just that depends on the way i feel in that moment!
    Take care simone!

  14. I am a more traditional type! Give me a spoon and a jar of Nutella and I am happy!

  15. You're lucky not to grow! I swell like a balloon (it's unfair, I am a very sweet tooth!)
    Take advantage then! Eating candy for me! ^ ^ (Sorry, my English is really bad: $)

  16. Simone, i understand you, but my weight is affected from it! I can't accept you're so lucky XDDD By the way, you're still the best!

  17. As everybody has said before... I love candies, unfortunately your favorites (except m&m's) are not avaliable on méxico. Anyway, there's a lot of glorious candies all over the world. I must say that the "pepitorias" an traditional mexican candy, are soooo delicious, and colourfull! I hope you tried them when you where here. They are NICE! Here's a link with a photo.

  18. very rich sweet
    but I can not eat much because my head hurts
    Simone cuidate! do not eat much sweet XD

    I love you simone from Chile!

  19. Oh Simone, you're just like me.. xD when i see a candy-store i just stand there imagining me eating all of the candies, even when i don't have money to afford it, my eyes can eat it hahaha :D
    I also don't gain weight even if i eat the biggest candy in the world hahaha :D

  20. ç: omg i love them too!! <3 i love gummy bears :D

  21. Looks yummy! I also have the weakness to sweeties since I remember myself, and can't stop eating lately :$
    Luckily, you look so gorgeous that nothing can't ruin this :)

  22. You should tell us more funny stories from your childhood! :)

  23. hey my Candy queen! try Jolly Rancher Gummies , they are so tasty and my favorite flavor is also lemon , you just have to taste them!