Monday, June 20, 2011

Nikon Peacock

Hi Smoonies,

Yesterday I went to a Medieval Market in Horb, Germany. We had sun and rain and lots to drink. In a nutshell; we had a great time!

Here are two pics taken with my new lens; Nikkor 50 mm

On my lips I am wearing MAC Redd lip pencil. It last much longer than a lipstick, but it does dry out the lips a bit.

Smoonie Peacock

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Best of: Hand Lotion

Hi guys,

This is my secret for soft hands;

My hands are very sensitive and dry out pretty fast, but with this lotion, my hands don't suffer that much anymore.

This must be about my 20th tube that I bought. I have been using this lotion for over 4 years, and I still love it. Nothing makes me hands feel softer and nourished as this hand lotion from Eubos.

I think that it was for a reason that ,'Stiftung Warentest' rated this lotion with a 1,5 (very good). The lotion gets absorbed by the skin really fast and doesn't leave this weird layer on the skin like some other intensive hand lotions do. It smells divine. I've tried other hand cremes, but no other product has even come close to Eubos.

I use it during the whole year. Normally I have about 3 tubes lying around, but this is my last one. That reminds me; I have to stock up again.

You can buy this lotion in Germany in pharmacies and in online pharmacies. It contains 75 ml and costs about 6 euros. You can also buy this in other sizes as well.

More 'Best Of' to come, so stay tuned!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

U Must Have/See This

Hi ho,

Here's a face/nail of the day for you blog readers.

This H&M nail polish is already a year old, unfortunately. I agree with H&M which has given it the name; 'U Must Have This'. It is my favorite summer blue.

The eye pencil is from NYX, number 926 Electric Blue. I bought this at Douglas in Germany.

Smurf Greetings,

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Give us a Kissy Wissy

Hello lovely mortals,

Here's me trying to seduce a skeleton during my photo shoot with Marie for Seventh Circle Artwork in London. Had loads of props on the set to play with as you can see.

Make up by me, hair by Nina Kate. The top I'm wearing is from Jane Doe, by Nina Kate;

Here's the finished result. Jane Doe Collection

Kissy Wiggins,

Friday, June 10, 2011

Best Of; Body Lotions

Hi Smoon Babies,

I thought that it would be nice to do a 'Best of' Series where I will show a couple of my favorite products from head to toe.

First episode from 'Best of' is; body lotion.

Some people (girls), use body lotion after every shower. When I would go to the gym, half of the women which were just freshly washed, were lathering on the lotion. I never had the patience nor persistence to keep up with this kind of ritual. Besides the whole smearing, which is a work out by itself, you also can't get your pants back on. Whenever I use body lotion, I would put it on before going to sleep, so that the lotion could really sink into my skin, and not my pants. That was the case until I ran in to the best body lotion ever. May I present to you:

On the left you find my ultimate favorite 'lather-me- on-lotion'; Balea. Balea is the house brand from the german drugstore called DM and I use a lot of Balea products. You get great value for money.

I love everything about this lotion, the scent (very important), the skin absorbs is really fast. No other lotion has made my skin this soft. This lotion, which contains 200 ml, only costs 1.75 euro. Simply unbeatable.

The only little disadvantage is that it does leave oil stains on the ground or car in my case. I once used it on my feet and then put my feet up, leaving two footprints on the dashboard... My car was all soft and smooth.

I mainly use it for my arms and legs, there you'll be safe from leaving prints.

The second lotion is from I found this brand while shopping in a mall in America. The smell just brings back good memories of touring through the USA. This is the second time that I bought this kiwi lotion. When I went back to buy it a second time, I didn't know how it was called. Luckily the lady was very helpful with finding the right one. She offered me two for a very good price, but I decided to only take one because of my poor suitcase, which was already stuffed to the max.

Next time when I'm in the US, I'll definitely get me a third one!

Happy lathering!


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Self Portrait

Made with my Nikon D300s.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Your Questioned Answered

Hi Smoonbabies,

Here it is; the video with the answers:

Thanks for sending in your questions and have a lovely day!


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Maxi Me

Hello people,

Have you also been enjoying the lovely weather lately? I surely did. Not today, today's grim.

Here's a picture of me, wearing Ray Ban sunglasses and a maxi dress from H&M. I love maxi dresses. If you decide to go camping somewhere, you'll always have a tent with you ;)


Got a Question?

Hello Smoonbabies,

Ever wanted to ask me a question?

Send your question to smoonstyle and I will collect 15/20 of the most unique questions and make a video about it.

Looking forward to reading your questions!

I'm going to make a video one of these upcoming days once I've collected enough questions.

Have a lovely evening,