Saturday, March 16, 2013


Hi Guys,

Retrospect is coming closer. Only one week until the big day! We are all getting in shape for this show. Yesterday we had our first day of rehearsing the 3 hour Retrospect setlist. I've made some pictures during the rehearsal for you.

Now we're starting the second day of rehearsing. Tonight from 22.00 'till 23.00 all the members from EPICA will be online to chat with you guys!

For more info please go to: Retrostream Chat Session


Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Hey hey!

Korres (pronounced as kor-RES, not of 'course') is a Greek brand that was founded by George Korres in 1996.

"The brand’s simple philosophy is rooted in the use of natural and/or certified organic ingredients of the highest quality; skin- and environmentally-friendly products with clinically tested efficacy; and products that are affordable for everyday use yet of interesting aesthetics that can ‘inspire & make us happy.’ The first KORRES product is an aromatic herbal syrup with honey and aniseed, a recipe inspired by «rakomelon», a warming spirit-with-honey concoction, which George’s grandfather used to favour in his hometown on the island of Naxos." (Taken from the official Korres website)

What blew me away was their line of Guava products, the lipsticks and lip butters. This post will be about the Guava series. The lipsticks and lip butters will be reviewed separately.

It all started with a lip butter in the fragrance 'Pomegranate'. Thanks to Lisa Eldridge, who used it in one of her videos, I became very curious and simply had to try it out. When I found Korres in the shops in Germany I wanted to try out the Guava lip butter. It smelled so good and I knew that I loved the texture from the lip butters. Unfortunately it is a white lip butter and doesn't really flatter my complexion. They described it as colorless, but it definitely left a white layer on my lips. Therefor I use it before going to sleep. The next day my lips are lovely moisturized, and my pillow too.

During my stay in Greece with Epica last May, I asked on Twitter which Korres products I had to try out. The Guava body butter was a favorite, so I got that at the airport for a decent price. The texture is nice and creamy, not like a butter, but more like a cream. The body butters from the Body shop have a 'harder' consistency. It is rich like butter and moisturizes my skin really well, sinks in the skin in no time and leaves a lovely soft touch, no stickiness or weird film. Since I love it so much, I only use it for my arms and hands. It is too lovely to use for my whole body. The scent is quite strong so I prefer to not overload myself with guavas.

Soon after purchasing my body butter, I decided to get the shower gel as well. After a quick sniff at the shop, I bought it. Sometimes different products within the same fragrance range can still differ in smell. Luckily, it wasn't the case. The shower gel is lathering really nicely and leaves a hint of the fragrance behind. This shower gel is one of the special ones that I save for special spa days.

From these three products I will buy the body butter again. The lip butter and the body butter are almost empty, but the shower gel is waiting for me to use it in about ten minutes from now.

For all the Germans; you can only buy Korres online. Some websites where you can find Korres are; (Germany), (worldwide), (USA/Canada) and the website.

Goodnight Guava's,
From left to right; Guava Body Butter, Guava shower gel and Guava Lip Butter.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Malaga Wine

Hello there!

'Spring was here for only a couple of days, Then winter came back with it's grey ways.'

If the sun won't shine, I will throw on some color to brighten up my mood. Malaga Wine from OPI is a gorgeous berry color. I believe it is in OPI's permanent line. If not, Ebay has everything.


Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Day with KRYOLAN

Hello Sweets,

Kryolan organized a wonderful day for the meet and greet winners and me. We were given a tour through the factory by Dominik Langer and gained more insight on the history, philosophy and production from Kryolan. After our tour we had a lunch together with Dominik and talked about everything from make up to touring anecdotes.

The next stop was the Kryolan shop in Berlin where all the girls were given a little make over and make up tips. In the end I showed them a day time version of one of my stage looks.

We all had a lovely day together. Unfortunately three of the girls couldn't make it in the end. We will compensate it in another way.

Thanks for Kryolan for opening their doors for us. We enjoyed it very much! I hope the girls all got home safe!

With Chief Chemist Yousef Atapour.
Burning the bubbles.
Swatching lipsticks.
The Kryolan shop.
My favorite; the aqua colors.
From left to right; Diane, Stefanie (assistant from Kryolan), Carolina and Joan.

Monday, March 4, 2013

- 20 Facts About Me -

  1. As a kid I loved to go grocery shopping with my grandpa. He would always buy me candy.
  2. I am not the best swimmer. When I dive, I fall flat on top of the water and close my nose.
  3. I tried to make lemonade by putting one skittle in a mini cup of water in my little baby kitchen.
  4. I liked camping in my own yard, during the day.
  5. I only loved Carnaval as a kid because of the make up and candy.
  6. My sister and I wanted to start a girl band.
  7. My first best friend was a woman of color. We were separated because she had to move away. I was heartbroken.
  8. I always wanted to have brown eyes, I love brown eyes!
  9. I made an unwanted salto with my sisters bike and didn't get a scratch.
  10. During the recordings of 'The Phantom Agony' I was hospitalized with 41.5 degrees Celsius fever. I was red like a lobster.
  11. I like to wear my dad's glasses to pretend I am Andy from 'Little Britain', although I go temporary blind afterwards. He's got 6+.
  12. When my sister and me were pulling ropes, I fell through a glass door. Not a scratch.
  13. The sound of rain on a roof top is pure relaxation. That is when I am inside.
  14. The smell of extinguished candles reminds me of Christmas.
  15. I value my privacy and personal space.
  16. My days have 25 hours. I wish.
  17. I do like some songs from Evanescence. Tourniquet is my favorite.
  18. I have no sense for direction. I always walk in the wrong direction (same with choosing lines at the checkout). My inner navigation system is defect.
  19. I've been told that I can cook very well.
  20. I don't like to clean after cooking.