Saturday, April 4, 2015

ZOEVA BAMBOO Vegan Brush Collection

A complete vegan brush set with all the brushes you need to complete a make up look from start to finish. The renewed Bamboo set from Zoeva contains 8 brushes, a clutch and a brush holder.

The handles are made from bamboo and lie comfortably in the hand. The bristles are made out of synthetic taklon, super soft Applying make up feels very luxurious.  

I played around with this set and can tell you that my favorites are the Cream Cheek, Highlight, Soft Definer and Concealer Buffer. They will end up in my daily brush routine, I'm sure!
You can see these brushes in 'action' in my Bronze and Glow post.

This set costs €65 which might seem a lot, but some of these brushes are comparable to MAC and this set is 100% vegan. You also get a clutch and a brush holder. A great deal if you'd ask me!

Available here: Bamboo Brush Set


103 Defined Buffer, 105 Highlight, 128 Cream Cheek, 109 Face Paint, 142 Concealer Buffer, 227 Soft Definer,. 232 Classic Shader, 317 Wing Liner.

Here you can see the complete set. Nice and compact. The clutch and brush holder are super practical and light weight. Perfect for the jetsetters. 


Thursday, April 2, 2015

Bronze and Glow - Charlotte Tilbury

Spring, oh spring. Where art thou? In one day I witnessed snow, hailstorm, rain and sunshine. All seasons packed in one day. 'April doet wat hij wil'.

Today I was in desperate need of summer. With a little bit make up we can bring summer to us and turn a rainy mood into golden sunshine.

Bronzer is something I normally stay far away from. In my make up collection bronzing powders are the underdog. Charlotte Tilbury did lure me to buy her 'Filmstart Bronze and Glow' Face sculpt and highlight. In her videos she shows how easy it is to work this look, why not try it? Trust me, with this palette you won't look like you just visited Charlie's Chocolate Factory.

In this article I show you how I played with the sculpt and highlight palette. It was super fun and totally brightened up my day. 

Have a lovely day, evening, morning!

In love with the rose gold packaging. She really nailed the packaging of her line. So gorgeous!

It has a great big mirror, perfect for make up application.
On the back of the palette there are tips on how to use the sculpt and highlight. Super easy!
Pale little me. Normal face make up without bronzer and highlighter. On my lips I am wearing MAC 'Jubilee'.
Apply bronzer to the temples, under the jaw, in the hollows of your cheeks and even the sides of the nose.
My brush is from the new ZOEVA bamboo collection. It is the cream cheek brush. I loved the shape and it is so soft!

Highlight the top of the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, the bow of the lips, inner eye corner and underneath the brow bone.
The highlighter brush is also from the ZOEVA Bamboo collection, it is highlighter brush. For the inner corners of the eye, I used wing liner brush.
Finished! Bronze and glow by Charlotte Tilbury make me look like I just came back from a holiday at the beach. I love that it looks so natural. Oliver even complimented me and told me I looked 'healthy' haha! Normally I have a bit of the vampire look ;) Nothing wrong with being pale, though.