Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hourglass Femme Nude Lip Stylo

When Lisa Eldridge likes a product, I want to try it. I do always tend to forget that she has a different color scheme than me and that she can rock more colors because she has a cleaner canvas (brown eyes and brown hair). With my red hair, blue eyes, and pale skin with a yellow undertone, I can only wear so many shades. I always get lured into trying new nude shades, only to find out that they don't really work for me.

Hourglass released a gorgeous range of nude lipsticks that didn't look so pale nude. I wanted to try one and show it to you. After checking out swatches online, I decided to get number 4 which is described as a pink based beige nude with a hint of deep rose. To me it looked like a muted salmon peach.

The packaging is absolutely stunning. Love how sleek and luxurious it looks. The pigmentation is indeed very good, really opaque. The wear of it wasn't what I had hoped – it emphasized the lines in my lips and had a chalky look to it. It doesn't have an added perfume, which was not so pleasant. It smelled and tasted not to my liking. It is difficult to describe.

I came to the conclusion that I cannot rock nudes. It makes me look like I am part of the cast of AMH. However, I can imagine that many of you can, and maybe want to check out this range of new nude lip colors. I will stick to my nude Labello and MAC Jubilee.


Freezing Face of the Day - Syracuse

Here is a good old fashioned 'Face of the Day' shot in Syracuse by Isaac. It was a cold day and it was hard to get some good pictures because the wind was tearing my eyes up.

Later that day, we went to see The Revenant. What an intense movie!

Products used:


  • MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation NC20
  • Nars Radient Creamy Concealer Custard
  • MAC Warm Soul Blush
  • Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter in Moonstone


  • Laura Mercier Dune Bronzer
  • Maybelline The Rocket Mascara
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade in Caramel


  • MAC Velvetease 'Aim to Please'

The fake fur jacket is from Zara.


Sunday, January 24, 2016

Chit Chat #10 Burning Armpits and Blizzards

The North American Enigma Tour has kicked off successfully. It feels good to finish what we started a while back. Our fans have been so patient and loyal. It absolutely heartwarming!

Moonspell and Starkill are joining us on this run. It is great to hear Moonspell play every day – I become nostalgic when I hear their melodies, especially Full Moon Madness.

The temperatures are a bit below what we prefer, but we're dressed to stay warm. I am sleeping with my hoodie on. Yes, I am that kind of freeze ball.

In New York I got to meet a sweet pastry chef that I have already written about on SmoonStyle before. It is Raíza Costa from Dulce Delight. I invited her to come to the show and have dinner. She said yes! We went to the Mercer Kitchen and it was delicious! I had such a great time with her. I love her sparkling personality. Find more fantastic food for the eyes and soul on Dulce Delight.

So far we played in New York (just before the blizzard arrived), Toronto, and Québec. Yesterday, I had to shave my armpits shortly before the show in case I had to take my jacket of. I didn't want to pull a Julia Roberts. I made the mistake of doing it 'dry' and had fiery armpits through the show. I can still feel them burning now... not that good. I don't recommend that.

That is all for now folks! We are enjoying a day off before heading to Cleveland and are planning to go to the cinema all together, but then to different movies. The Revenant and Star Wars. Whoop whoop!

I have a throat pastille in my mouth, not a piercing. ;)

Monday, January 11, 2016

Matte Royal

Is it blue or is it purple? One of the most asked lipstick questions on Instagram was about the lipstick that I wore at Epic Metal Fest.

'Matte Royal' from Mac Cosmetics is described as a deep blue. To me, it definitely has a strong purple hue. It has a matte finish, but not as matte as 'Relentlessly Red' or 'Ruby Woo'. The application is a bit tricky and it is not opaque in one coat.

A friend of my mom that accompanied her to EMF, was wearing the same lipstick. She came to see me backstage and I knew which shade she was rocking! So cool! I am not as brave as her. I like to wear bold lipsticks on stage and for photo/video shoots, but not while going out.

I love the fact that brands are branching out the color spectrum. Why should we only wear pink and red lipsticks?

Already got a second blue lipstick because I like it!



Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Walk of Shame - Charlotte Tilbury

'Walk of Shame' is described as a berry-tinted-rose. To me, this color is very hard to describe because it looks so different every time I look at it. As far as I know, this is not a mood lipstick, although it improves my mood because it is so gorgeous! I do not own any color like this. From the whole Matte Revolution Lipsticks, Walk of Shame appealed to me the most because of its unique color.

I tested it a day before buying it. The lighting in department stores without windows are never giving a real impression. I wanted to see if the formula was drying and how well it would last. You are paying a pretty penny for a lipstick, and I want to know if it is worth it.

Well, it is! A super comfortable semi matte lipstick. Charlotte thought about everything here. Soothing for the lips, makes them look plumper and keeps them hydrating. The color is so beautiful! I would describe it as a muted red with a hint of brown and burgundy. You have to see it in real life to know how it looks like.

The shape of the bullet is quite unusual. It is supposed to mimic the shape of a lip brush and make the application easy. I had to get used to it and kind of like it. The packaging is divine as well. Rose gold. I love it! It reminds me a bit of the old Estée Lauder Signature Lipsticks which I haven't seen in stores lately.


Looking different on each picture.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Travel-Ready Skincare

Traveling is one of the most fun and rewarding aspects of being alive – it takes you outside the safety of home to experience different cultures and exist in a state of wonder. Not only will you learn how other people live, but also discover more about yourself and how you adapt to change. At times, your resolve will be tested, but traveling will transform your life; you'll see the world with fresh eyes and, hopefully, taste some amazing cuisine, which is my favorite part of the journey! :)

On a recent trip to the Netherlands to support EPICA with their first edition of EPIC METAL FEST, I brought a bit of home with me: my skincare routine. The amount of products I could bring was limited as I did not check my bags and airport security allows only one quart-sized bag filled with products, each weighing a maximum of 3.4 ounces (100ml). Less equaled more in this situation as I also needed room for liquid makeup, but I was ready for the challenge! Items marked with an asterisk were put in the liquids bag.

1. Yes To Grapefruit Pore Perfection Paper Mask | 2. Yes to Grapefruit Correct & Repair Even Skin Moisturizer | 3. Yes to Blueberries Cleansing Facial Wipes | 4. Acure Eye Cream | 5. Acure Night Cream | 6. MenScience Androceuticals Face Buff Brush | 7. Alba Botanica Good & Clean Daily Detox Foaming Cleanser

Yes To Grapefruit Pore Perfection Paper Mask

High altitudes can cause skin to lose moisture, so this mask came in handy to replenish my face after a long flight. The Pore Perfection Paper Mask increases brightness, hydrates skin, and minimizes pores with a grapefruit extract brightening serum and vitamin C. I used this mask at night to prep for makeup application the next morning and it worked flawlessly – my skin felt supple with reduced redness. The mask is quite saturated so it's best to lie down and close your eyes in order to get an even application, plus it's a good excuse to relax and take a little time for yourself. :)

Yes to Grapefruit Correct & Repair Even Skin Moisturizer*

My favorite daily moisturizer that has the same benefits as the Pore Perfection Paper mask and a TSA-compliant container size of 1.4 ounces (41.4 milliliters) – just purchase and throw in your suitcase. To learn more about this product, please read my last post: 4 Face Products Finds.

Yes to Blueberries Cleansing Facial Wipes

Facial wipes are a staple travel product and really come in handy when you're on-the-go – it's perfect to keep in your purse during the day should you need a skin refresh or to reapply makeup. I used this product to clean my face during flights and to help remove makeup at night. Utilizing blueberry, coconut, and lemon peel, these Age Refresh wipes remove impurities, brighten tone, and moisturize the skin – as a bonus, they also smell good.

Acure Eye & Night Cream*

Since I loved using their Brightening Facial Scrub, I wanted to try more from the Acure product line. The eye and night cream were on my radar for some time, but I was waiting for the perfect situation to test them out. Since both creams are in small containers, the eye cream is 1 ounce (30ml) and the night cream is 1.75 ounces (50ml), they fit my travel criteria and instantly went in my shopping cart. I also love that Acure is a natural product line and doesn't test on animals! Both products firm, hydrate, and restore skin with the help of Chlorella, which stimulates new collagen growth. The eye cream reduced dark circles and puffiness and allowed my under eye concealer to go on smoothly; I applied it every morning and night. The night cream helped restore my skin after a long day out in the cold and the Moroccan Argan Oil in this product instantly went to work and hydrated my skin for the night. Dream products at an affordable price, go get them!

Facial Cleansing Brush

If you're not using a facial cleansing brush, you should be! :) It thoroughly cleanses the skin (especially if you wear makeup) and when traveling, replaces an exfoliator, meaning one less product to bring. I have a 2-speed rotating facial cleansing brush but found it too harsh on my skin, so I purchased a standard brush to have more control of the cleaning process. If you'd like to get one for yourself, make sure the bristles are gentle enough for your skin or it may create redness and irritation.  

How to Use a Facial Cleansing Brush: 
  • Run hot water over the bristles to soften and prep them, making sure to shake any extra water off or your cleanser will get runny.
  • Place a small amount of your facial cleanser to the brush and apply to your skin in a circular motion. Since the brush helps exfoliate, if needed, focus on your T-zone to help clear any congested pores and promote faster cell turnover.
  • Rinse your gorgeous face!
Favorite Cleansing Brushes:

Alba Botanica Daily Detox Foaming Cleanser*

I mentioned Alba Botanica in my first post and wanted to talk about their Foaming Cleanser, which I like to use in colder months for its rich lather and creamy texture, plus it works perfectly with the facial cleansing brush. This product is great for sensitive skin and has a gentle antioxidant-rich botanical AHA peel (additional help with exfoliation) – paired with ingredients of Green Tea and Rice, it powerfully cleanses and soothes skin without causing irritation. I used this cleanser day and night and my skin maintained a refreshed and balanced look. The original container is 6 ounces (180ml), so it needed to be transferred to a travel bottle, but that was the only skincare product in my liquids bag that was outside its original packaging.

What skincare products do you use when traveling? Let me know in the comments below!


Rebecca Brayman is a graphic designer and digital consultant with clientele ranging from renowned heavy metal bands (EPICA, Kamelot, Nightwish) to well-known female entrepreneurs and professionals. She is also passionate about skin care and believes that revealing and celebrating one's natural beauty inspires self-confidence and empowerment.

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Saturday, January 2, 2016


Welcome to the CLEAN family 'Shower Fresh' and 'Fresh Laundry'. This brand is brilliant. Perfect for holding on to the scent of freshly washed clothes, warm showers and all the good smelling scents that I can now use as a perfume.

I have already introduced this brand in an earlier post: CLEAN Perfume

The story behind these two new good-smelling friends is a perfume sample that I had in my makeup bag. I loved the scent, but didn't know which perfume it was. I took a wild guess that it was from CLEAN. I bought the mini travel set and also tried some other perfumes. To make sure that I wouldn't buy the same, I sniffed all the mini perfumes and thought that the mystery scent that I fell in love with reminded me a bit of shower gel. To be completely sure, I also ordered 'Fresh Laundry'.

Shower Fresh

 A soapy, fresh-from-the-shower is a soft, sexy, musky floral scent. It's notes are Lemon, Mandarin, Orange, Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, Orange-Blossom, Sheer Woods, and Musk.

Fresh Laundry

The smell of perfectly laundered linens. It's notes are Brazilian Orange, Mexican Lime, Fresh Mown Grass, Cyclamen, Rose Otto, Night Blooming White Jasmine, Petals, Heliotrope, and Musk. The bottle has the same matte glass as 'Warm Cotton'. It does get a little dirty as you take it along with you. You can see it clearly on the 'Warm Cotton' bottle.

From these two, it was Shower Fresh that was the mystery scent and also my preferred of the two. Fresh Laundry is a bit pungent to my taste. It is still lovely. I love all scents from CLEAN.

CLEAN, you've got me hooked!


Friday, January 1, 2016


Thank you all for an amazing roller coaster ride last year! It has been a great year that carried an important message:

We should enjoy every day of our lives and start fresh every day, not just on the 1st of January.

Family and friends are the most precious gifts in life, but health is also of great importance. We shouldn't neglect our physical and mental stage and keep working for it every day to stay in shape. Healthy food (with a decent amount of Vitamin C(hocolate) and exercising are vital aspects of a long and healthy life.

I am very thankful that my Dad and Linda are doing better. Their health problems have been on my mind a lot since last year. The tragedies that have been going on all over the world put a cloud on my mind. I am glad that I am working in a field that unites people and gives each other strength. The attacks in the Bataclan are in no way more tragic than any other innocent lives that have died by acts of terror. It did however, hit us in a way because we have played there in the past. Paris is one of my favorite cities, but I love each fan equally as much. Every life is sacred.

Enjoy the time that we have been given. It all goes by so fast!

Epica VII will be there before you know it! A good reason for time to fly by. ;)