A Day In Munich

by 9.10.10

Today (the 8th of October), we had an off day in Munich. Yesterday we had a lovely show in the 'Backstage'.

The weather forecast said that today would be a sunny day, but when we woke up, it was more like 'Sleepy Hollow'. We decided to take an umbrella, just to be sure.

Taking the S-bahn to 'Marienplatz', we were surprised to see that the sky was opening slowly. Let the sun shine, let the sun shine in....
Doesn't this look nice? An off day with sun is so much nicer.

I was really looking forward to our off day in Munich. I've been there already a couple of times, but didn't see as much as I'd wanted to. I put on a pair of very comfy boots, so that I could walk without cursing at my shoes.

After sniffling around at the Marienplatz, we went to the 'Residenz', where we heard a lovely voice. She's from the Ukraine and was singing songs from her father land. Really lovely. Her voice gave me goosebumps.

After wandering through Munich, we needed a refreshment:

We bought some 'sugar burnt' Macadamia nuts (don't know the official English name for it) before we got a seat at this lovely cafe. Macadamia nuts are my favorites! Too bad that they are heavily over priced.

We only got a drink, Oliver decided to go for an Ice Cafe. I got a really nice drink, which I only had once before in my life; 'Sanfter Engel' (Soft Angel). It's orange juice, with a shot of some kind of alcohol and vanilla ice cream. It is divine!

Check out 'little red sitting hood' in the middle of the square :)

Time for dinner at the 'Ratskeller'.

We were originally searching for a restaurant where I already went to some years ago, but were so tired that we decided to go eat here. We were happy that we did, because this place is amazing! We both ordered 'Käsespätzle', of which I only ate 1/3... It is very tasty, but also very heavy.

I hope you like my blog post. If you ever get the chance to visit Munich, please do so. It is beautiful!


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  1. I love u Simone, u have the most beautiful voice in the world of Metal!

  2. You and Oliver are so cute together!

  3. Hi Simone!!
    thanks for sharing your lovely day, I would love to visit Munich, that is one of my goals in fact =) and the picture of the singing lady is a really good one.

    Have a nice sleeping time, take care!!

  4. I love u Simone, u have the most beautiful voice in the world of Metal!///+100 love you too

  5. One day i'll travel around the world like you Smoon :)
    Our race sometimes takes the wrong way, but can made really beautiful things too.
    Greetings Smoon !

  6. Anonymous9.10.10

    This is just my nerdy photog self speaking here - but the composition setup of the Ukrainian lady and "Little Red Riding Hood" are REALLY good.
    You've got an incredible vision for photography :)

  7. Simone, seeing the second picture, I remembered of some photographs of Russia that you, who's fond of photography, may like. The most amazing is to see the dates when the pictures were taken: http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2010/08/russia_in_color_a_century_ago.html

    Always following your posts and pictures on the blog, thanks for sharing a this sweet part of your world with us!

    Mirtes Oliveira.

  8. Hi Simone!
    I'll defenitely visit Munich someday xD. I have a personal compromise, if i go to an Epica Concert in México (probably Guadalajara City because it's the nearest city of mine), i will search a bag of Macadamias to give it to you, is a promise!!

    Beautiful Pictures, i love the way you describe the places, i study Tourism so i love to know about other places.

    Regards from México, Take care =).

  9. mmm sounds yummie!! both looks pretty ejejeje
    I want to go there next year, lets hope

  10. Hi Simone!
    I really like to read your blog
    is very interesting to know what things do you enjoy in your travels, what do you like to do diary & things like that.
    Well I really want to go to Germany some day, thanks for the advices! It's look so pretty nice.
    ohh & I have two macadamias trees in my house but I don't eat it very often ;)
    Whatever I'm waiting for you & the guys of the band in Mexico on 30th of January.
    have a very nice autumn
    see you in your next history :3

  11. Really a nice blog off your tour.
    great pictures as well.

    have a great tour futher on.
    with love petra

  12. I really like Munich, Marienplatz is amazing during christmas market!

  13. Thanks for beautiful tour of Munich
    A combination of a beautiful place and you, beautiful woman
    kisses from MX

  14. Anonymous9.10.10

    You're lovely... and Munich too!

  15. Hello Simone!
    Thank you for posting pics and for the nice blog post :)
    Take care :o)

  16. Anonymous9.10.10

    Hi Simone ... !!!!
    I really like to read your blog ... !!!
    Thank you for posting ... !!!
    Bye ... !!!
    Ah ... Brazil loves you ... !!!

  17. Anonymous9.10.10

    I love you
    I'm from Brazil

    you and wonderful
    lovely perfect

    :) Jessica

  18. Haii Simone!

    Hoe is het?
    Lijkt me leuk om daar een keer heen te gaan, leuke foto's ook!

    x katja

  19. I visited Munich, a few times.
    It is such a beautiful city! I really adore Marienplatz with that wonderful watch *__*
    I found a candy shop where there were so many candies!

  20. Anonymous9.10.10

    Fine fotod

  21. Hallo!
    Simone please tell me how you do it, you're so graceful and slim?
    You have a recipe? ;)
    Oliver, Munich and of course YOU looks great!

    take care Dear Simone :*


  22. Anonymous10.10.10

    I have been in Munich the day before your off day, not to visit the city but to see you and your show in the Backstage. :)

  23. Hi! I'm from Brazil, and your blog is lovely, but not as much as you. You are so beautiful and clever, your voice is the most beautiful thing I've ever heard in my life.
    Epica is my favorite band, your music make me feel so good!
    Thank's for making me happier sometimes! :)

    I Luv U ♥

  24. hi Simone!
    the Epica concert in Munich was soooooooooooo great!!! <3 thanks for the show!!!

    hope to see you again here XD

    with love

  25. Hi simone. Thx for sharing ur day, feels like we got it with u guys. take care and keep on blogging often.

  26. Dear Simone,

    Could you tell me please which hair product do you use for your hair color? :)

    Many thanks from Hungary,

  27. Hey Simone!

    I've been to Munich something like 6 years ago for the Christmas market, it was cold and so beautiful. Reading your post reminded me of that very nice time I had.
    Do you have a day off in Paris as well? I hope the weather will still be as beautiful as it is now when you are here. The Elysee-Montmartre will be warm and welcoming as always! It will be the third time I see Epica there, it's kinda like seeing old friends of mine. ;)

  28. Hi Simone!! :)

    I'm from Brazil and I'm really waiting for the next Epica show here! :D
    I loved all your pics though! You're amazing. ;)
    Thank you for share on your blog! <3

  29. Hi Simone! I'm from Brazil I'm waiting for Epica's show in Recife/Pernambuco so much. I have to say that Munich is a beautiful place, ninca pics i hope you like my blog too http://suellensimons.blogspot.com kisses and success

  30. Hi! I'm from Brazil!
    Munich is really a wonderful place!

    Kisses for you.

  31. Anonymous20.10.10

    Amazing blog Simone! Love reading it!
    Going to Germany is my dream actually, so Munich is a good option if I get there some day..
    As a photographer, I must say, excellent pics!! :D
    Regards from Uruguay!