Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sephora Online Haul - Hourglass

Ever since Sephora (damn you Sephora!) offered shipping to Germany for only €10,  I have been drooling over Hourglass. 
Their ambient lighting powders and ambient lighting blushes are a true hype in the beauty sphere and I can confirm that with this blog post. 

There were three items that landed in my basket: Dim Light (neutral peach beige) and Dim Infusion (a subdued coral) and a mini version of the mineral veil primer. 

Dim Light $45 is a powder that is supposed to blur any imperfections, has a perfect balance of warm and cool tones. It contains 0.35 oz. The packaging is super sleek, chique and totally my thing! It comes with a mirror too.

Dim Infusion $35 is the blush version of Dim Light. It contains 0.15 oz. It is such a beautiful peachy coral and blends like a dream. I love my peaches and corals! When applied on the face, it looks really natural and the sheen doesn't emphasize imperfections. 

Mineral Veil Primer mini $18. I got the mini version to try it out before spending a lot of money on a primer that doesn't suit my needs. This primer has a spf of 15, is water resistant, it absorbs oil and makes fine lines and pores appear less visible. It doesn't contain my shiny nose. Nothing seems to keep that under control. 

If you are curious how it swatches on my face, have a look at the pictures of my L'Oreal Glam Matte post, you can see me wear the blush and the powder.

Do any of you own any Hourglass products? I know they are pricy, but these products and packaging are perfect for me.


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Friday, August 8, 2014

Favorites #1 Lipsticks and Eyeshadows

This is one or my first 'Favorites' post. Let me know in the comments if you like them and which type of products you want me to do a 'Favorites' on.

For this first post I wanted to do eyeshadows and lipsticks. These are the products that I almost always carry in my make up bag when I am on the road. I went all out and even made (funny looking) swatches for you. Still learning that, though. ;)

The eyeshadows are mainly neutrals, golds and light pinks. These are the colors I wear day time. 'Starting at nine o' clock'

  • MAC 'Tete a Teint' (matte 2) One of my first MAC eyeshadows. Use it in my socket.
  • Catrice 'Artfully Lustrous' (LE) My absolute favorite multipurpose eye shadow. Also got a back up.
  • MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow 'Making it Easy' (LE) Perfect eyeshadow trio for me.
  • Catrice 'Papaya Don't Preach' I also use this as a blush, works great plus it is a nice little travel companion. It doesn't take up too much space.
  • Catrice 'Fancy a Coppa Tea?'
  • MAC 'Bamboo' (matte) Perfect blending shade
  • Artdeco Glam Couture Eyeshadow '50' I apply this with my fingers for a perfect result.
  • Nars duo 'Alhambra' The only Nars duo I own and can recommend for all neutral lovers.

MAC 'Tete a Teint', Catrice 'Artfully Lustrous', MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow 'Making it Easy', Catrice 'Papaya Don't Preach', Catrice 'Fancy a Coppa Tea?', MAC 'Bamboo', Artdeco Glam Couture Eyeshadow '50', Nars duo 'Alhambra'.

  • Kryolan Lipstain 'Rock' This is the red I've been wearing on stage since April. So many of you asked about this particular red that I've been rocking.
  • Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream 'Unscented' The best lip reviver out there.
  • MAC Lip Pencil 'Brick' A classic for all red lovers.
  • NYX Color Lip Balm 'Sukriya' Super affordable with a nice fruity scent.
  • Manhattan Colour Splash Liquid Lip Tint 'Red Tulip' This will stay on for a week!
  • NYX Lip Liner '824 Orange' (as good as MAC lip liners) Love all NYX lip liners. Orange had to be one in my list of course.
  • YSL Sheer Candy '10' Soon ready for a back up, 'cause this one is about to have its last lip moments.
  • Laura Mercier Lip Balm 'Apricote' Also almost a Beauty Bin item. Love this. My favorite peachy nude lip balm.
  • MAC Pro Longwear Lip Pencil 'Throw Me a Line' (LE) Perfect bright pin up matte look.
  • Manhattan Colour Splash Liquid Lip Tint 'My Manderine' My lips but a bit more peachy.
  • Catrice Pure Shine Colour Lip Balm '020 Rusty in Peace' Wearing this almost all week.
  • MAC Cremesheen 'Shanghai Spice'
  • Laura Gellar Waterproof Lipliner 'Buff' It is water and rub proof. Can't get it off! Great for the stage. It won't smear on my mic.

Catrice '020 Rusty in Peace', MAC 'Shanghai Spice', Laura Gellar Waterproof Lipliner 'Buff', Kryolan Lipstain 'Rock', MAC Lipliner 'Brick', NYX 'Sukriya', Manhattan Lip Tint 'Red Tulip', NYX Liner '824 Orange', YSL Sheer Candy '10', Laura Mercier Lip Balm 'Apricote', MAC Pro Longwear Liner 'Throw Me a Line' (LE), Manhattan Lip Tint 'My Manderine'

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Epica in Lebanon

On the 2nd of August, Epica performed for the first time in Lebanon at the Byblos Festival.

We were all excited to finally arrive and enjoy our stay in Byblos. The traffic was so hectic that it took really long to get from the airport to the hotel. Some of us longed for a nice cold beer, I however needed a big meal! Luckily that wish came true. We were invited at the famous PePe restaurant and enjoyed delicious food. You could see the stage from the restaurant because it was very close.

After we were finished we took a picture with the owner. He was such a sweet heart! Time to sleep and dream about the show the next day.

We had time to do some sight seeing and hang out at the beach. We rented a boat and some of us swam in the sea. Such a perfect day!

The show was amazing. We had a two hour set and made a lot of people smile. The best was when our special chorus in 'The Phantom Agony' came by. The moment to go crazy disco metal!

Thanks for having us Byblos Festival! We had a great time! Our bellies too. ;)

Enjoy the pics!


Having a good time!
Water Horizon.
Ariel out on a boat.
I almost fell over board and my camera got pressed against my sun screened legs. Greasy pics as a result.
We passed by the stage. How amazing is the view we have!
Epica and our fans.
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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Glam Matte

A liquid lipstick is something I prefer over the normal lip gloss. Non sticky, super pigmented and opaque.

The new L'Oreal Glam Matte Intense Matte Lipgloss is supposed to stay for 6 hours and have a matte finish.

I love the applicator which is heart shaped. It gets the product on really fast and quite accurate.
It smells fruity, feels super soft and velvety on the lips, but it is not matte. At least not the kind of matte finish I'd wish for. It doesn't dry and turn in to a matte finish. It stays glossy.

The colors are super trendy, I would just have chosen a different name for it.

Which one do you like the most? I normally reach out to reds, but the pink one is growing on me as well!

Ok, this post features the word matte 8 times and the product is nothing but matte. Oops, 9 times.

I'm slowly going mad ;)

PS. If you blot the lipgloss, it will turn more into a matte stain. (nr. 10)


Skinny Tangerine and Cherry Crop
Cherry Crop
Skinny Tangerine

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Monday, July 21, 2014

My Holidays in Germany

Germany is and will probably always be on of my favorite holiday destinations.

Some time ago I had my friends over from the Netherlands. We packed our bags and went to the same hotel in Todtmoos, which is close to the Titisee. Oliver and me were there 2 summers back and loved it so much that we went back there again.

The second part of our holidays took place at the Wilhelma Zoo in Stuttgart. A must see when you are in Stuttgart. Besides all the animals, they have beautiful gardens to roam through. I've been here at least 4 times already.

What are your favorite animals to visit when you are at the Zoo?


The gardens of the Wilhelma Zoo in Stuttgart.
Monkey Lounging.
After coming out of the 'Monkey House' I posed with some serious 'mama gorilla' face. Gotta protect the little ones.
Wait, a giraffe with 8 legs? If you look closely you'll see that this was a lucky shot.
Schluchsee, the neighbor of the Tititsee at the Black Forest.
Overlooking the Titisee.
My two kabouters.
Op een grote paddestoel...
Same mushrooms like 2 years ago.
Caught a bunny doing a number 2. (Not a real bunny, it's part of the (Zauberwaldpfad in Todtmoos)
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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Mint Strawberry Smoothie

Summer means strawberries which equals a happy Simone. There are endless ways to make delicious dishes with strawberries. I love them!

Here is a quick refreshing strawberry smoothie recipe with a twist!

For two portions you need:
  • 10 big Strawberries  
  • Milk and Yoghurt 1 to 1
  • Lime Zest and Juice
  • A handful of Peppermint Leaves

For those who like it ice ice baby cold; you can throw in some ice cubes as well, if your blender can handle it.

Blend and enjoy!


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