Saturday, October 21, 2017

Sunset Tempe Photoshoot Part I

Going through my gallery, I found some more that I thought you guys might enjoy. 
One of these three pictures is already online since a while. 

During out tour in North- America, I've done quite some photoshoots, with Isaac and also Coen and other friends. More will be revealed soon!

The camera that I used is the Canon 5D Mark IV with 85 mm 1.2 lens.
These pictures are by Isaac and edits by me.




Saturday, October 14, 2017

BTS New York Photoshoot

The last day of the North American tour was extra special because I've started a project where I am doing photoshoots along with a make up of your personal preference (natural, evening or stage make up).

Of course this is also open for guys and I promise that I will apply minimal make up. Just the bare minimum to reduce shine and add a little bit of pink lipgloss. Of course I am joking about the lipgloss.

My plan is to do only a couple of photoshoots during a tour. The session in New York was my first and I couldn't have done it without the help of Laurali, Catherine and Jeremy. I was so spoiled to have a team of lovely people to help me organize this special event and even keep me caffeinated. A big thank you to you three troopers! I wish it could always be like this ;)

Lucy was my model in New York. We've spend more time together than originally planned.
There you go, time management is not my strongest suit. When I am having a good time, I can literally forget about time.

She requested a stage make up look for this session. I loved how it turned out! She looked absolutely stunning. The idea to do shoots on tour was born during the North American tour. My tools were limited, but I made it work. For future shoots I can prepare a make up kit in advance of the tour.

Already looking forward for the next shoot. Where will it be?
Let me know in the comments in which cities you would like me to organize more events like this.

Thank you Lucy, Jeremy, Catherine and Laurali! You guys rock!

BTS pictures: Jeremy Saffer. He kindly offered to do this. Thank you again!
Edits by me.


Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Stay Ultraviolet FOTD

A flawless base with a hint of bronzer and bold lips

Revlon Colorstay  '180 Sand Beige'
Tarte Shape Tape Concealer  'Light Medium'
Stila Convertible Color 'Camelia'
Laura Mercier Translucent powder
Becca  liquid highlighter 'Opal'

MAC Strawberry Blond
MAC Dirty Blond

Laura Mercier Dune Bonzer (discontintued)
I've skipped mascara because I quite liked the look. Later that day I did start to feel a bit 'naked' without and applied some waterproof mascara.

L'Oréal 701 'Stay Ultraviolet' longwear lipliner. These are amazing! 

Normally I try to avoid lipliners. I'm simply not a fan. They are too hard, too fragile, take too long to fill in the lips. You got me, I am lazy and need low maintenance products.
What I want is easy application and not a lot of fussing around with a sharpener or the tip constantly breaking off. 

The new Infallible longwear lipliners from L'Oréal are a dream! My favorite is 701 'Stay Ultraviolet'. My mom also loved the color. It is more of a brown red than violet. The name is not really describing the color. Don't be fooled by it. Absolutely stunning autumn shade.

How are you liking the 'no mascara look'?


Wednesday, September 27, 2017

New York Photoshoot with Simone

Hello everyone!

I am so excited to announce a very special event to mark the end of a successful tour. One of my favorite cities in USA would be New York, so it's THE perfect place for a very EXCLUSIVE MAKEUP & PHOTO SESSION WITH ME AT TIMES SQUARE!!