About Simone Simons

Brought to life in 2010, SmoonStyle has reached over 8 million views worldwide. Here you will find everything that defines my style, whether it is beauty, fashion, food, or photography.

As a professional singer doing my own hair, make-up, and shopping for stage clothes, I often receive questions from fans about how to create my looks. Add to that my love of photography and writing, and you have SmoonStyle. It’s a great way for me to show others what I find fascinating.

Since 2002, I have traveled the world with my band, EPICA, and a camera by my side to ensure I document all the pretty things in life. Besides blogging, I am a mother, MUA (I have worked for high-end make up brands such as MAC Cosmetics), and freelance photographer.

Fun Facts

  • A proud mommy since 2013
  • Carnaval was the highlight of the year for me as a kid because I could wear make up
  • SmoonStyle has over 5 million views
  • Ariel is my favorite Disney character
  • My sister was born on my second birthday
  • I have worked as a makeup artist
  • SmoonStyle is the first beauty blog created by a singer from a metal band
  • I have made up the beautiful faces of Anneke van Giersbergen, Floor Janssen, Elize Ryd & Marcela Bovio
  • I love Elstar apples
  • I have more DVDs than CDs
  • My favorite colors are orange and yellow
  • I love lipsticks and blushes
  • I can eat a ton of chocolate
  • I love to cook but hate to clean the kitchen afterwards
  • I'm Dutch but live in Stuttgart, Germany
  • A happy Capricorn
  • I love a dirty joke
  • I always have some sort of candy in my hand bag
  • My handbag is like Mary Poppins’s
  • I'm a Spring/Summer girl


Makeup Work