Monday, December 28, 2015

Red Hair and Red Lips

One of the most gorgeous voices also happens to be a beautiful person inside and out. I am talking about Anneke van Giersbergen.

I've known Anneke for such a long time. The first time we met in person was when Epica played at Noorderslag in 2006. Such a sweet and down to earth woman with a huge talent. I love her personality and above all her voice. 'Strange Machines' is an all time favorite song of mine. I even performed this song live at that 2009 edition of the Christmas Metal Symphony: Strange Machines

After our first meeting we have met a couple of times and exchanged the backstage stories that we have gathered over the years. I recently went to see her play with the Gentle Storm in Heerlen (my old home town). It was a lovely show and it was a pleasure to see her on stage. She isn't very tall (neither am I for Dutch standards), but she has a huge presence and charisma. She simply is unique. Love her!

She came to see us at EMF and we made some pictures with Tim for you guys!

Here are the first ones for you!



Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Rocket - Maybelline

Mascara is a make up item that all women who wear make up should own. Finding the one that fits your lashes and desires can be a bit frustrating. But when you've found the one that does the job, you stick to it!

I have an old time favorite mascara that I have been using faithfully for the last 5 years, if I am not mistaken. It is the Rocket Volum' Express from Maybelline New York in Waterproof. Sometimes I get curious to try out new mascaras, but have always gone back to the Rocket.

Maybelline is having its 100th anniversary. To celebrate, they are offering a €2 coupon (Germany only) with a minimum purchase of €5. The coupon is valid until the 31st of December 2015. I have used mine for the Rocket, of course. ;)

What is your favorite mascara?

I love the bristles. They get in-between all the lashes.
A good eyelash curler is vital in the mascara process. It opens up the eyes even more.
I always have a back up close at hand.
Before and after. What a difference!

💋 Simone

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Give Me Some Lip - Sephora Favorites

Sephora has the best value sets. This one in particular just screams my name. 'Give Me Some Lip' contains four lip products that I was really anxious to try. As you might know already, I am not the biggest fan of lip gloss. I am a lipstick junkie.

What's inside? Four mini and one full-size lip products:

  • Sephora Collection Rouge Infusion in Peony
  • Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipstick in Coral Blossom (full-size)
  • Fresh Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment
  • Marc Jacobs Lip Creme in Je T'Aime
  • Make Up Forever Artist Plexi Gloss 202
  • Kat von D Everlasting Liquid Lip in Lolita
All miniature packaging is great quality and quite sturdy accept for the Tarte lipstick bullet that is made out of card board. It has the advantage that is lightweight, but also very vulnerable to break.

Sephora Collection Rouge Infusion in Peony

Creates a beautiful, natural stain on the lips. Lip swatch included.

Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipstick in Coral Blossom

A typical spring lip color that is very comfortable on the lips. Not a fan of the packaging. It looks cute, but won't survive long in my hand bag.

Fresh Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment

Such a pretty, natural color for the lips. Very moisturizing.

Marc Jacobs Lip Creme in Je T'Aime

My favorite out of the 5. I have worn this so many times and am astounded by the lasting power and pigmentation. The color is also so lovely. The shape of the lipstick is just like my cupids bow. I applies perfectly. Lip swatch included.

Make Up Forever Artist Plexi Gloss 202

I'll be honest. I don't think that I will use this. I will give it away to a lip gloss lover.

Kat von D Everlasting Liquid Lip in Lolita

A super hyped color, that doesn't look good with my coloring. It clashes with the warm undertones in my skin. I do love her Everlasting Liquid Lips, though.

Unfortunately, this set is sold out at the moment. All these lip products are available in the permanent lines. From all these I can recommend you Tarte and Marc Jacobs. The MJ lipstick are divine! When I have used up Je T'aime, I will definitely get the big size!

Peony, Coral Blossom, Rose, Je T'Aime, 202, and Lolita
Je T'Aime

💋 Simone

Monday, December 7, 2015

Sweet Potato Brownie - Rens Kroes

Time for something yummy!

Now that I own both of Rens Kroes' Powerfood books, I can try out even more healthy and super tasty recipes.

I admit that I heard about the sweet potato brownies before and that I also made them two times. The idea of putting sweet potato in baked goods sounded a bit weird, but also made me want to try it. Vincent loves sweets and if I can make it in a healthier version, I'm in!

This brownie is so good! My whole family loves it and it is not even that hard to make. This is a brownie without eggs, butter and sugar. What?!

I divided the measurements by half, because I didn't have the right amount of sweet potato. When you are with a small crowd, or just want to make this for yourself, using half of all ingredients is great!

You can find the recipe here:

Happy healthy baking!

💋 Simone

Friday, December 4, 2015

Chit Chat #9 EPIC METAL FEST 2015

Our first edition of Epic Metal Fest has been a huge success! What an honor it has been to share the stage with great bands for whom we all have huge respect.

It was a beautiful, but also kind of strange feeling to be walking around on our own festival. I had some time to spare to watch Delain and Moonspell rock. I loved seeing 'Full Moon Madness' again. One of my all time favorite songs. I used to listen to that particular song on repeat for a long time.

It's great that we will be sharing the stages during our North American Tour in January. More opportunities for me to see them live and hang out with them. They are such nice people!

The day was packed with meetings and I also had to retreat for a bit to keep my energy for our 2 hour show. Besides that I had a horrible throat infection. Two days before the show I had no voice and was working on the demo tracks in the Sandlane Studio together with Mark, Sascha, and Joost. They had to sing for me because I wanted to give my voice a rest and didn't want to risk not being able to sing on EMF.

I can say that I am already looking forward to our second edition which will be announced soon – I hope, I believe. ;)

I enjoyed hanging out backstage with Charlotte, Derrick, Burton, and Fernando. I didn't get to talk to everybody unfortunately.

Thanks to all the awesome bands that rocked with us! Thanks to all the fans that joined us for the first edition of EMF!

Here are some awesome live pictures from the Epica show, shot by Tim Tronckoe.

💋 Simone

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Coral Cove - Milani

There are a few Blogger/Vlogger/Influencers that make me hit that 'buy' button. I have my favorites, but just to name a few: Lisa Eldridge (mother of make up), Sam Chapman (she and her sister are so real, love their personalities) and NikkieTutorials (I wear after shave balm because of her). These women are the ones that make me buy the products they hold into the camera without thinking twice.

My latest 'YouTube made me do it' is this gorgeous blush from Milani. Coral Cove is coral (the name is obvious) matt blush that suits all skin tones. It is super pigmented and will probably last you a life time. Don't slap this on after you've dabbed your brush in it. First wipe off the most of the product on the back of your hand. I find that this really recreates that snow blush that we all get in winter.

Unfortunately my blush arrived a bit damaged because the website that I bought it from didn't wrap it accordingly.

The price is totally ok for the wallet and mind. I believe I paid around €8, which is a bargain for the quality and amount of product that you get for that money.

Who are your favorite YouTubers that make you pull your wallet out? Would you like me to create a haul article on some of the 'YouTube made me do it' products?

💋 Simone

Friday, November 6, 2015

Eye See You

The world is more beautiful in color, but nothing beats the energy that shoots through black and white contrast. It simply exudes drama. The classic darkness that comes alive in black and white.

Are any of you devotees to the art of black and white like me?

Camera: Panasonic Lumix GF7 — Lens: G 1:1.7/42.5

Bonjour Grenoble! 🍴 #TheUltimateEnigma #smoonstyle #food #vlogger

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

50 Shades of Autumn

Hello Nürnberg!

We are loving our tour during the fall. The forests are at their most beautiful and are a perfect setting for a quick photo shoot. I felt at home between all the gorgeous colors, my kind of camouflage. ;)

These colors were a sight for sore eyes. If only whole fall would be this colorful. We will enter the leafless days too soon.

When I was a teenager, I loved to play an ancient video game named 'Prehistoric'. One of their higher levels took place in a forest during it's autumnal stage. Today's forest reminded me of that. Took me right back in time.

What do you know! I got new boots in Berlin. After a long day of strolling through the streets, I found a cute pair in Anne's favorite shoe shop. I forgot the name, I believe it is Goldmarie.


Faux Fur Jacket – Promod
Sunglasses – Ray Ban
Jumper – Atmosphere
Scarf – Mango
Leggings – Calzedonia
Bag – H&M (over 8 years old)

Make Up

Eyes – Charlotte Tilbury 'The Dolce Vita'
Lips – MAC 'Spice' Lipliner and Labello 'Nude'
Lashes – Ardell Demi Wispies

Two crazy photographers
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All pictures of me were taken by Isaac.

💋 Simone

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Berlin - Park Hasenheide

A walk in Hasenheide Park with a camera and an awesome guitar player resulted in these pictures.

Today we are playing in Huxleys in Berlin. Tomorrow I am looking forward to a day off in Berlin to spend time with a friend and hunt for some good food. Before I forget, I really need new shoes for the stage and casual. I love and wear my shoes until they literally fall apart, which is now the case. No super glue can keep them from falling apart any longer. I am sure that I will succeed in Berlin tomorrow.

Sunglasses - Ray Ban
Jacket - Mango
Shirt - Primark
Lipstick - Marc Jacobs 'Je t'aime'

Berlin ist wunderbar! 🎥 #TheUltimateEnigma #epicalive #smoonstyle #simonesimons #isaacandcoenstyle #epica #vlogger

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Friday, October 30, 2015

Prague - Day Off

Having a day off in an amazing city is a bit like Christmas. You know you will enjoy the sights, the scents, the lights, and the food. That is what we did. Rob, our bass player and Prague connoisseur, took us to some of his favorite places to eat, shop, and let us be tourists and enjoy Prague's beautiful sights.

Our first stop was the Globe, a lovely book cafe that serves good food along with food for the brain.
We had to make some stops at guitar and record shops. The Bake Shop was something that I had to try and loved it! The Old Square and the Charles Bridge were a must as well.

We ended our day at the Nostress restaurant and enjoyed a lovely meal. It was a lovely day off that I wouldn't mind doing over again.

Day off in Prague 🎥 #TheUltimateEnigma #epicalive #smoonstyle

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