Coral Cove - Milani

by 28.11.15

There are a few Blogger/Vlogger/Influencers that make me hit that 'buy' button. I have my favorites, but just to name a few: Lisa Eldridge (mother of make up), Sam Chapman (she and her sister are so real, love their personalities) and NikkieTutorials (I wear after shave balm because of her). These women are the ones that make me buy the products they hold into the camera without thinking twice.

My latest 'YouTube made me do it' is this gorgeous blush from Milani. Coral Cove is coral (the name is obvious) matt blush that suits all skin tones. It is super pigmented and will probably last you a life time. Don't slap this on after you've dabbed your brush in it. First wipe off the most of the product on the back of your hand. I find that this really recreates that snow blush that we all get in winter.

Unfortunately my blush arrived a bit damaged because the website that I bought it from didn't wrap it accordingly.

The price is totally ok for the wallet and mind. I believe I paid around €8, which is a bargain for the quality and amount of product that you get for that money.

Who are your favorite YouTubers that make you pull your wallet out? Would you like me to create a haul article on some of the 'YouTube made me do it' products?

💋 Simone

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