Smells like Smoonstyle #16 Musc Noir

by 19.12.22


Here is a current favourite scent of mine. Musc Noir for her from Narciso Rodriguez is coziness in a bottle. It was love at first sniff. A Netflix and Chill kind scent that gives you that clean, just out of the shower and ready to unwind feeling.

Top Notes


Middle Notes


Base Notes


 I know why I love this scent so much. It is connected to a childhood memory. The top note of the perfume is plum. Top notes are for me as important as the middle and base notes. I have to like a scent from the start to finish. 

 Suddenly it hit me. Back in my childhood, my parents had two plum trees in our garden. One with light plums and one with dark plums. We had plum marmalade all year long. I remember the sweet and juicy scent and flavor.

It is a great feeling when perfume can make you travel in time and make you relive long lost memories. The power of perfume.


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