A Little Piece Of Home

by 2.11.10

Every woman likes her perfumes, her lotions and washing powder to smell good. I connect certain perfumes to home, and when I travel, I take them with me to have a little piece of home with me, where ever I am.
Moringa Body Butter from 'The Bodyshop'

I like to use this body butter before going to sleep. The scent makes me relax and makes me fall asleep.

It is a body butter, so it's very rich and takes a while for your skin to soak up. That is also a reason why I like to use it before going to sleep. The Moringa line has more than just body butter. It also has a exfoliator, shower gel (have that one as well), body milk and a bar of soap.

Since it is quite big for traveling, I bought the little sister for touring. The big one is also almost empty.

The 200 ml one costs about 15 euro's, but will last you a long time. I got the small one with a shower gel sample for 7 euro's, which is a good deal.

Happy smearing :)


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  1. I will buy it too :) it seems great!

    simone, do you like my indian sweets i gave you during the signing session in italy? =)

  2. i use the moringa milk body lotion and love it as well, it really smells great :)

  3. It seems great ^^ (I'm saying this mainly because it makes you fall asleep...being rested is an important thing)

    And referring a bit at the title,quoting a friend of mine "You can travel all around the world,but the real peace you find it home"

  4. I want one too! :)

    where can I get it?

  5. Sooo Nice! :D I Always Wanted To Buy a Skin Care Product Recomended By You, I Didn´t Know About The Moringa Flower Benefits!I Lovee this Flower Now :O so Im Buying Moringa Body Butter And a Little Moringa Plant for My Garden! x)

    Thank You So Much Simone!:D

  6. erf.. in France it is only 200ml, I'll have to search the web or wait for Xmas special packagings ^^

  7. you should try johnson's baby bedtime lotion too, it smells great as well =)

  8. Simone i admire you and your music so much! :) Can you write some about your how you do you hair, like colouring and styling. Iv always wanted orange hair, but my hair is dark brown, so its difficult to colour it lighter without paying a lot. Didnt got to come to the show in norway, oslo this fall:( I was on a expedition with my class... Are you going to tour uk? hope to come there!

  9. you made me curious. ok..i'm asking:D what does it smell like?

  10. You have such a good taste about make up and hair styling and beauty care that makes me wonder about what perfume do you use? :)

  11. Yes it's a great body moisturing butter! I love it since it's smooth, fresh and relaxing. I received it first from a good friend last christmas. As she's a fanatic of everything that's natural (bio)I trusted her choice since she's reading everything about a cosmetic before buying it !
    I've been using it everyday since then after my evening shower.
    Thanks Simone for this blog, I love it as I love your voice and your personality ! And also for proving us that a Metal girl can also be very stylish !

  12. I just bought "Love etc" perfume and body butter from Body Shop. Also a very discreet and relaxing smell. Check it out sometime...

  13. Bonjour,
    tout d'abord, je tiens à vous faire part de mon admiration pour le groupe, son talent, et bien sûr, sa voix :)
    la musique d'Epica est en constante évolution tout en gardant le souffle épic des débuts ainsi que la touche "Epica".
    Votre voix se magnifie à chaque album et vos progrès sont impressionnants ! ( même si vous étiez déjà parfaite sur le premier album :)
    grâce à votre blog, j'apprécie également votre personnalité hors scène, vous semblez être resté simple et sympathique et c'est agréable de le voir même si je ne mystifie jamais les artistes ;)
    maintenant, question futile (rire)
    vous nous présenter souvent une page maquillage (et c'est très plaisant) mais, cela m'intéresserai bien de connaître vos produits de soin pour les cheveux :-)
    Bien à vous,
    Ps : veuillez m'excuser mais je préfère écrire en Français plutôt qu'en mauvais anglais, je pense que vous avez un traducteur ?

  14. amaizing i read abuut moringa, and the info said that you a eat it and is really nutritious.