Black Metal Easter Bunny

by 24.4.11

Happy Easter everybody!

I'm currently on tour with Kamelot and today we are in Antwerpen.

Yesterday we had a great gig in Amsterdam and tomorrow we're in Paris. Life's good! We're celebrating Easter with our metal fans and some bunnies, which hid the eggs too well.

After a long search, I finally found my easter egg.
I also met the Easter Bunny.

This cute bunny was wandering around the back yard of the venue. He thought he could hide those Ferrero Roche's for me, but I found them anyway.

Enjoy the holidays!


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  1. For a second I thought that I would see you wearing big rabbit ears hahah (maybe next year?)

    Happy Easter!

  2. Simone, you should come to Turkey Izmir again, for this summer :) Happy Easter.

  3. Oh yeah,We'd like to see with bunny ears next year :')
    You're cute even you're serious :')
    And black bunnies...kind of nice to see them.
    Hope you and Oliver had a great day :)

    I'll say 'Happy Easter!' ,thought I don't believe in this.For me,it's all about the junk food :')

  4. Happy Easter! Enjoy yourself in these holidays! x

  5. Ohhhh!!! It's like my bunny!!!!!! i love them!!!! and here in my house, there's a big egg for you!!

    Happy tour!!! :D

  6. I love bunnies so much, they're cute *-*
    Have a happy Easter!
    In Israel we're currently celebrating "passover", but it's not a cool holiday XD
    When I read "black metal Easter bunny" I thought there would be a bunny with a corpse-paint :$

  7. Happy Easter :3 that bunny is so cute!!
    take care!!

  8. happy easter and jag sameaj to the jews :)

  9. Happy Easter Simone! That bunny is so cute. :)

    Oh, this is really off topic, but my friend and I did a cover of Tides of Time, so I thought I'd post it on here so perhaps it can get some feedback. :)

    Best wishes


  10. Hey Simone Happy Easter ¡¡¡ aww the bunny is so cute jijij

    wow yummmi Ferrero Roche's they are so delicious ^^
    So Have a Nice Day Candy Queen

    Much Love Miriam Denisse

  11. Haha that's awesome!

  12. Nice post!But..Why you hand is so big in this pic?rsrsr!

  13. Hi Simone !

    Where will you go in Paris ? I would try to meet you ! :)

    Anyway, happy Easter and enjoy your holidays !


  14. Haha awww, the bunny looks cute. Ferrero Rocher Rules! I love those chocolates =).

    Regards and good luck on your tour with Kamelot.

  15. Cute bunny n_n he must had a hard time trying to hide those Ferrero's =S

  16. Happy Easter Simone!

    Well, do you remember the boy who always give to you a box of Ferrero Rocher when you come to São Paulo? So, it's me ^^.
    This Ferrero in your hands are one of those I gave to you few weeks ago?
    Happy Easter and many Ferreros for you.


  17. Simone, your bunny is so sweeet :))

  18. Hihii, glad you found your easter eggs :-)
    Yesterday's show was super! Enjoy the tour!

  19. The bunny is so nice :D Reminds me to the bunnys who are running over the fields in my neighbourhood. Every time I´m passing the fields I see one, and then i´m smiling ;)
    Hope you had wonderful Easter days with a lot of yammi ferreros (Did you´ve found all?) and your love ones :)
    Nice touring days for you, too :) See you in Berlin!


  20. The headline is really cool!
    "Black Metal" easter bunny;
    I tought that there`s a pic showing Simone totaly dressed in black whit her beautiful white skin!
    I think this would be the most beautiful easter bunny!!

  21. Happy Easter!
    That buny looks exactly like my pet one, Lily. I love black rabbits, they are the cutest!

  22. My daughter is nine years learning to play the flute. She asked me to ask you what you would recommend to play it in a presentation. She adores you and would like to see him playing.

  23. Larissa, I have a black rabbit too.... is lovely!!!! you can see some pics in my blog

  24. Ferrero Roches are so yummy, and that bunny is adorable! :-D There's a pet shop near me that sells bunnies, and I go in every day just to hold them. They make bad days better.

  25. Oh! Beautiful!(like you :P)