A Very Tasty Budapest

by 24.5.11

Good evening to all the readers!

I've been traveling a lot lately and finally found some time to upload my blog with some nice touring pictures. When I was touring with Kamelot, we had a day off in Budapest, Hungary.

We were walking our feet off and ate until we almost burst ;) We had a lovely day. The sun was shining and the wind was blowing. I had to wear two jackets because it was kind of cold.
Supporting the local musicians
Searching for something sweet in the famous Gerbeaud
Found it :)
Baileys pie. Delicious, but deadly heavy for the stomach :)
St. Istvan
Please click on link if you're a sweet tooth like me: Kürtőskalács
Yes, I ate the whole thing!
Enjoying a private concert

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  1. You and Oliver are sooo cute together!

    By the way, I loved your boots! :DD

  2. yeah! I like it :) Beautiful city! I love your photos♥♥

  3. I miss you in Uruguay Simone! Yoy come back soon again? I LOVE YOU!!!♥

  4. Pretty cool! :D
    And sweet...

  5. You're beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. You and Oliver rock!

    I like what you were wearing and even more than that - what you were eating *-*

  7. My twitter: EugeeEV

  8. wow awesome pics =) oliver very friendly ^^
    also I want that Kürtőskalács seems so delicious
    (: Have A cool Day Queen of cakes
    Much Love Miriam Denisse

  9. I really wanna go to Budapest soon. One of the cities in Europe that attracts me the most, it must be very beautiful!
    And the pie looks yummy!
    This has nothing to do with the post, but today I had this dream where you were my Dutch teacher, haha. It was so cool!

  10. Nice pics you look good both I wait until epica comes in budapest to visit there then 2 in 1 :-)

  11. Dear Simone!
    I love your photos! Though I'm Hungarian I don't like the country at all, but I'm soo glad that you were such enthousiastic here. :) This weekend I'm going to Budapest too, I'd like to take some pictures with my boyfriend, like you did. :P I'll be thinking of you, that you did the same thing, haha. :) I love you!
    P.S. Thanks for helping me through my horrible exams, your voice gives me power. :)

  12. :) :) I love, that you like Budapest /Hungary /:)
    Gyertek sűrűbben! ;-) :)

  13. All the Hungarian fans are very happy that you and Oliver were enjoying the time in Budapest, hope you'll come back soon! Oh, and kürtőskalács is one of my favorite Hungarian desserts, yummy. :)

  14. Yeeeey you were so near to me :D Im from Slovakia. I see you had great time there ;-) By the way,Kürtőskalács in slovak is Trdelnik :D

    xoxo Martina

  15. You and Oliver are simply adorable.That's enough said.

  16. I love kürtőskalács with cinnamon :)

  17. Great pictures!!! ♥ U Simone! ;-)

  18. Dear Simone :)

    Thank you for all your wonderful pics. They´re so nice - as always :D The food looks very tasty. Did you´ve take some to go to take home?
    Hope you enjoy the rest of your touring days and keep well :) Please, don´t keep stopping to take so wonderful pictures and of course, never stopp singing at all. Have a nice evening :)

    Greetings from Southgermany,

  19. You gays are so cute together *.*

  20. You're so beautiful together, a wonderfull couple.
    The candles you ate seem so delicious. Of course, the brasilian Brigadeiro is better than this but trought it, they seem so delicious. By the way, when will be the wedding?

  21. "Searching for something sweet in the famous Gerbeaud". "Found it :)"-> So sweeeeet! :x.
    You guys look so cute togheder! *puppy dog eyes*.

    Kisses from Romania.

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  23. Very nice to see that you enjoy Hungary that much. I'd like to give you a tip! Come to Pécs (very south of Hungary), a very lovely mediterranian city, it was the Eropean Capital of Culture last year. If you like BP, you'll love it here!!!

  24. Very lovely pics. It seems that you enjoyed every minute of our capital:) Hope you will visit Debrecen also:) Szeretlek titeket:)

  25. I thought you aren't going to make a post about Hungary, so it was a nice surprise. =) I heard that you can pronounce kürtöskalács well ;) Cheers!

  26. Greetings from Budapest, Hungary!
    Kürtőskalács is the best dessert :D
    Hope you will come back soon with the band :)
    Szeretünk titeket! :)