Best Of; Body Lotions

by 10.6.11

Hi Smoon Babies,

I thought that it would be nice to do a 'Best of' Series where I will show a couple of my favorite products from head to toe.

First episode from 'Best of' is; body lotion.

Some people (girls), use body lotion after every shower. When I would go to the gym, half of the women which were just freshly washed, were lathering on the lotion. I never had the patience nor persistence to keep up with this kind of ritual. Besides the whole smearing, which is a work out by itself, you also can't get your pants back on. Whenever I use body lotion, I would put it on before going to sleep, so that the lotion could really sink into my skin, and not my pants. That was the case until I ran in to the best body lotion ever. May I present to you:

On the left you find my ultimate favorite 'lather-me- on-lotion'; Balea. Balea is the house brand from the german drugstore called DM and I use a lot of Balea products. You get great value for money.

I love everything about this lotion, the scent (very important), the skin absorbs is really fast. No other lotion has made my skin this soft. This lotion, which contains 200 ml, only costs 1.75 euro. Simply unbeatable.

The only little disadvantage is that it does leave oil stains on the ground or car in my case. I once used it on my feet and then put my feet up, leaving two footprints on the dashboard... My car was all soft and smooth.

I mainly use it for my arms and legs, there you'll be safe from leaving prints.

The second lotion is from I found this brand while shopping in a mall in America. The smell just brings back good memories of touring through the USA. This is the second time that I bought this kiwi lotion. When I went back to buy it a second time, I didn't know how it was called. Luckily the lady was very helpful with finding the right one. She offered me two for a very good price, but I decided to only take one because of my poor suitcase, which was already stuffed to the max.

Next time when I'm in the US, I'll definitely get me a third one!

Happy lathering!


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  1. Good idea! I'll wait for the other "best of" posts.
    I suppose your skin is normal to dry, because on my normal to oily skin that first lotion would make me a walking bar of butter!

    Also, nice Kevyn Aucoin book ;) I do not own it, but I have read it before and it is marvelous. Perhaps you could talk about what you like the most of it further on :)

    Have a nice weekend♥

  2. That thing about the stains was really funny, i would like to buy it *.*

  3. Hi, Red Muse,

    I'm addicted to lotions and creams corpo.Atualmente am using an excellent cream peach (By Natura. In the face sunscreen factor 75 Prev- Aging, I have very light skin and very sensitive.Choose good products is important to ensure the health and beauty of skin. We always want to be beautiful and healthy, don't you? I love your blog, it is pure beauty!

    I was always very proud and I love to take care of myself, I love your posts because I identify myself with you! And I'm also a redhead!

  4. I agree with you about Balea produtcs. In the last 6 months I passed in Berlin I used, and appreciated, the products for the face

  5. I love body lotions, I have so many!! :)
    I wish it was that cheap here :(
    I usualy take my time after the shower before dressing up so I can wear cloths.

    We use the lotions but the guys like to sniff us :P

  6. I have to thank you for this kind of posts,since I'm not into those things so much.
    Yes,I'm a girl..but I suspect I might be a man,due to some reasons,haha.
    Anyways,I guess I'll buy those,since they look like a good deal. ^^

  7. Nice post.
    Love Kevyn Aucoin.

  8. I also use the cream before sleep is the best option for my skin and I think this cream is good thanks for Share with us, I have to get the lotion Balea ^^
    Have a cool Day Si-moom lol

  9. If you don't like the smearing, I could recommend you the shower gels from Weleda. They are ultra-rich and soothing and don't dry out your skin at all, so you don't have to put lotion on after the shower :D

    and now I'm really looking forward to trying out the Balea lotion :)

    Greetings from Germany!

  10. Not sure if you already know the site, but you might like using it for your best-of collections :) ... POLYVORE.COM

    The site allows you to easily create your favorite fashion/cosmetics sets and then share them on your blog :)!It's really fun to use!


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