by 12.12.11

Hello BB's,

Last Thursday Epica had a secret acoustic show at the Backstage hotel in Amsterdam. We were there to celebrate their unique Jagermeister room (202) which was designed by Mardien Vink. She is the very first fan to get my autograph tattooed. We played three Epica songs, drank some Jagermeister, ate bitter ballen and went to bed.

On the next day Oliver and me did some sightseeing and shopping in Amsterdam. I had to get my haring from Frens (always go there) and had a tea at one of the beautiful cafe's.

Clothing break down;
  • Jacket from Zara
  • Scarf from New Yorker
  • Bag from Modalu London


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  1. Wow I love your country.
    But Simone, why don't you speak also about the themes that you treated in Epica music in your blog? It could be an intelligent way to raise awareness of all those who follow you, on these important issues.

    And then ... we want to back the young rebel Simone! Less classy, more rebel sexy! ;)

  2. Secret acoustic show sounds fun! I don't like Jagermeister for some reason but maybe I should try it again or try it somehwere else.
    Love your style [nothing new actually] and your tea drinking facial expression :P
    This cafe looks warm and cozy *-*

  3. I want to go to Amsterdam to shopping jejeje and to see every lovely place
    you look pretty with dark yellow and that tea looks great!! oliver looks funny and handsome
    I drank jager three month ago and I don´t like V_V to strong- bitter, I don´t have idea if you can mix the drink XDDD I can try again jajaja, I prefer Tequila or sake :S

  4. so cute Simone!!I would like to go to Amsterdam someday!!

  5. Simone was always a sophisticated beauty, but when she was younger she was also more "aggressive style" and fun.
    I love she.
    Like I love jagermeister.

  6. Amsterdan look beauty and interesting!
    Really all the countries are interesting, my méxico is pretty and big, is sad that I don't know all my great Country.

    Tequila (8)

  7. Anonymous12.12.11

    Thank you for sharing your photos with us! I have never heard of bitter ballen, so I had to google it. :) It sounds yummy!! Not so sure about the herring though.. :P

  8. Der gelbe Mantel steht dir wunderbar und macht direkt gute Laune wenn ich jemanden so auf der Straße sehen würde :)
    Das Cafe sieht übrigens sehr gemütlich aus.

  9. Lovely pictures, Simone!

  10. great style! as usual :)
    I hope you found some cool stuff in Amsterdam!

    it's so cool that you come back to munich next year! i will be there for sure *_*

    (I made a lil drawing with you an some other singers - I hope you like it)


  11. Simone I love you <3<3<3<3<3<3<3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. . uber. I mean seriously. trying to yourvedios. is difficult to keep up. very buIsy. creative you rr. like the pik with candy bar in hand.question. I see you shop globally. consider your self a galactic shopper for specialties items. mom! I sensed a film are you planning a role in a film soon.

  13. Its so nice going to different places and take something to eat there, i love travelling and I enjoy that small things.
    Lovely jacket.
    I would like to go to amsterdam once.

  14. Hi Simone,

    The acoustic show was great! Always fun to hear some songs in a different way. I hope you had a nice day in Amsterdam. We will see you Januari 12th. Make sure that we can give the birthdaycake to someone! :)

    btw, love the pic in the cafe.

    Greets Mardien

  15. I love Simone's style! And this is who she is, you can't ask her to be someone else. This is her personal life and the side she chooses to be, while she obviously channels her metal side into her music. Everyone needs to balance their personalities, instead of being dark and aggressive all the time.

  16. ahhhh I love Amsterdam is the perfect place to live in harmony <33.. I really love your pictures jiji Oliver seems relaxing and happy that's good well have a lovely day tomorrow with the international press ... good luck

    Miriam Denisse x)

  17. Hi Simone! Please, show us your combs/brushes and how you take care of your hair? A lot of people would love to see that :))
    Much love xx

  18. Amtsterdam must be a great place, I'd love to go there someday. By the way Simone you may like to see my new facebook page that is called "Team Smoonsie" a funny way to call "we" I mean, your fans, :) Love you, below here's the link to the page :)

  19. EPICA AND YOU FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3<3<3<3<3