Mountain Girl

by 6.3.12

Hello Sweets,

Last weekend I went hiking at the Titisee and Schluchsee in Germany. I can honestly say that those were the most beautiful and peaceful walks I've ever made. I was enjoying every second of it.

We were really lucky because the weather was amazing, 16 degrees Celsius and sunny.

I bought Lowa hiking boots to make sure that my feet would survive the Blackwood Forest. Some of you might have seen them already on my Instagram (smoonstyle) account.

Don't you just love nature?


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  1. I love hiking in the Pyrenees! Long ago that we have not done ... I hope to do this summer!

  2. OOOH SNOW! Why do I live in Florida? It's too hot!

  3. What a beautiful place, I can see why you loved it!

  4. Anonymous6.3.12

    I love the photo of Oliver - "Avalanche!"


  5. It's so beautiful in Baden-Württemberg :-)

    See you in Karlsruhe end of the month, so excited!

    If you need somebody to join you for a walk, let me know :)


  6. Nice pics...


  7. I live quite close to some mountains in spain, and i love going there on sundays with Rocky, my horse. Is the best time of the week, i love being there.
    I would like to go to the north of europe to see the nature, because in some pics its awesome, and very different from what we see in spain

  8. Wow *-*
    What a beautiful place dear!!!! ♥

  9. Awesome photos! You're right, nature is one of the things that I always want to have close to me!
    Some weekends ago I went to the Starnberger See in Bayern, it's also beautiful.
    Oh and thanks for answering my question about the Instagram! :)

  10. Hola Simone, lo que mas me encanta es la naturaleza y el frio! xD, están muy hermosas las fotos, que ganas de estar ahi xD

    ♥kisses from Chile♥!

  11. As you said in many interviews, Epica's new album is about what happend rigth now on the world. It has come to me that video today and you have to seen it since you're a famous person and many people would hear you. Like you guys said "This is the time", this is the time also to stop this horrible man who have done this awful things, called kony. I think of you to share this because you cares, and i think wole Epica cares, you guys could take a few minutes in your shows to talk about that or putting in your page and blog. This is serious. I'd like to know if you acctualy read this, and i will know if you also share this.
    Sorry for taking your time. (Kony 2012)


  12. Nature is the love of my life... I sometimes like to take a walk outside when it's too hot, to the wadi near my house, this is truely amazing :)
    The weather in the pics seems so perfect!

  13. Happy Women's Day!! <3

  14. I just finished hearing "Requiem for the Indifferent" for the first time... I have no words to describe what I felt in those 73 minutes!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
    Your lyrics are exceptional and your voice, particularly in Nostalgia, made me shiver!
    The best album I've ever heard :') Can't wait to see Epica live!

  15. Anonymous10.3.12

    I walk in the forest near Dresden in 2010, it's a wonderful place!!! ;)

  16. i love nature

    concerning requiem for the indifferent , i think the voice you applied on the phantom agony mixes better with the grunts of mark (beauty and the beast) as it stands the beast remains but the beauty have left the building , your new vocalizations mixes horrendously with marks grunts , unless he stops grunting on future albums i dont recomend you to ditch the operatic vocalizations almost completely like you did on this requiem and also on design .

  17. beautiful photos!