by 22.4.12

Hello Sweets,

Epica is currently touring through Europe and today we are in beautiful Porto, in Portugal.

Isaac and me went in to town to buy some postcards and enjoy the scenery. We had a drink at one of the little restaurants along the Douro and met Marcela who was also exploring the city.

Our dinner happened to be at the same restaurant later today. How I enjoy being in this beautiful city.

It is definitely one of the perks of being in a touring band. I love to travel and see the world through my own (and Ray Ban) eyes. Now it is time for me to get ready for the show. See you onstage!

Enjoy the pictures.
You can see the Hard Club in the background.
Marcela is tiny and very sweet.

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  1. how awesome, for sure that city must be quite small if you met Marcela twice!

  2. Beautiful!! Is Marcela a fan? :)

  3. Lovely Bee-Sunglasses. Porto seem to be very beautiful. Enjoy the tour!

  4. No Lucy, Marcela is the Stream of Passion's vocalist.
    Simone, last night I saw Epica for the first time, and I really enjoy it. Thank you so much for the great show.
    In Portugal there are some really beautiful places to go visit. (Almada isn't one of them unfortunately :P ). I would recomend Lisbon, Sintra and Gerês just to mention a few. :)

    1. Oh yes I realized that 5 minutes after I posted :P
      I will see Epica in Paris next sunday :D
      Thanks anyway Redshira!

  5. It is a beautiful place indeed, seems you had a good time.
    Enjoy the rest of the tour! :)

  6. Porto is a wonderful city. I've never been ther but I think it worths a visit so I can enjoy the views and buy some Oporto wine.

  7. I went to see you for the second time in Lisbon.
    And I simply loved you guys!!!
    I live in Porto. it has a lot of historical places to Know.
    Ribeira, the place you went, it's one of my fav. places.
    I'm glad you loved us last night, and wish u good luck with this tour!!
    Enjoy it
    Hope to see you soon in Portugal ;P

  8. Anonymous23.4.12

    I love seeing your photos.. I can't imagine how exhausting a tour can be, but I bet it's nice to see the world as you do so! Keep up the great work. :)


  9. Now I'm in love with Porto x) thanks 4 shared with us ..... enjoy

    ps: awww <3 your mini-bag

  10. What a lovely place!!!<
    I love sea places!

    Changing the subject.. I must tell you! Since I won your contest, I became curious about Mac cosmetics (that I had never tried before). So this morning I went to the Mac Cosmetics store in Bologna... just for take a look...
    Yeah, of course! Just take a look! Instead I went out with a bag FULL of beautiful things!!!! XD

  11. Great pictures, thanks for sharing this to your fans :) See u in Paris Bataclan on sunday ! Unfortunately we don't have Portugal sun :(

  12. It's an amazing city, really beautiful. I love to walk close to the Douro.

    Yesterday was an amzing show! It was the first time that I saw epica live. And I really enjoy met you guys, you are all very nice :D


  13. Anonymous23.4.12

    beautyfull place! enjoy the shows Simon!!! :3

  14. Anonymous23.4.12

    it was Simone hahahha
    Lov ya! ♥

  15. What a lovely place =O. I would like to go there!
    As always, you look terrific! Which lipstick are you wearing?
    Regards, and also to my compatriot Marcela =D.

  16. I saw the show in Hard Club yesterday night, it was an amazing show. Marcela and Stream os Passion were doing very well, Xandria also were very good and of course Simone was fabulous. Thanks Simone to have been here one more time, i hope to see u again soon.
    Porto is a very quiet and a beautiful city, it's great if u enjoy ur stage.

    It's curious because I just woke up thinking : What happened with Epica's "Storm the Sorrow" video? And Here it is =O

    Congratulations, awesome work from all the Band, I liked the concept.


  18. I LOVED THE VIDEO TOO!!!! It's amazing just watched it with my boyfriend and we both think is awesome. Excuse me sweety, I just notticed that sometimes I write very excited and I miss some letters it's kind of funny actually. Loved your dresses in the video and Mark looks great too. I can't wait for our turn to participate on the north/latin american make up contest I'll see you around..

    Love from Mexico

  19. Oooooo I've been there to see a concert once, Turisas! Porto is a really beautiful city, I just LOVE the architecture there, and the river, it is nice to walk around when it's sunny :)))
    I can't wait to see you in Pratteln! Cheers!

  20. Hello Simone.
    I'm sorry not talking about the post u did. I just want to say that I think that u have a great voice and u are me reference on music. Thank u for that. :)

  21. We where also in Porto to see the city and Epica love Porto and show was awesome love you all

  22. I saw you in Lisbon, and it was awesome! :)
    You (Epica) have been a great positive influence in my life, just wanted to thank you for that. Your voice is simply wonderful, it was love at first hearing :D

  23. hello sunshine beautiful pictures !