Neon Hibiscus

by 8.5.12

Hi Sweets,

One of the spring and summer trends are neon colors. These colors never go unnoticed and need some courage to rock them. If you don't want to go too crazy, you can wear a bright lipstick with neutral eyes. Or wear a bright eyeliner with neutral lips.

I am wearing a dress by River Island which has some neon lime accents. It is one of my favorite dresses at the moment. I love to wear black and white prints, but this adds the perfect splash of color.

The lipstick that I am wearing is from 'Hibiscus' from MAC. It was a limited edition item, unfortunately. Don't fret just yet, there are countless similar colors in store at this moment. Just take a look around, and I'm sure that you will find the perfect shade for you that matches your taste and skin tone.

Have fun playing with neon's!


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  1. The River Island style is one I recognise instantly! I have made many beautiful purchases there as of recently, and it is not so expensive.
    Please come and play in the UK soon Simone!
    River Island is one of our most successful British high street shops so here you can shop to your hearts content
    Wishes xo

  2. BEAUTIFUL! that cute picture! I love your blog and new things that you upload! ♥ I miss you in Uruguay!

  3. Dat ziet er erg leuk uit.
    Vind het super dat je offstage totaal anders kleed dan onstage.
    Begrijpelijk dat je niet over straat gaat met een corset en een veren vest/top(?).
    maar je begrijpt vast wel wat ik bedoel. haha :D

  4. Lovely dress. I love wearing colourful things, but I'm a bit shy about my clothes and I use to wear black, so no a lot of people notice about my clothes.
    Its a nice lipkstick, is the same colour of the flowers of the hibiscus i got at home! (its has the right name, i guess)

  5. Anonymous8.5.12

    I have a question. What eye brown pencil do you use? I've been to several make-up stores and they don't have anyt red-blonde pencils :(

  6. LOVE your lipstick! But for the safe of my bank account, I must stay away from the Mac store for a while! XD

    1. I'm with you sister XD

    2. we should organize a bank robbery! Or, better, a robbery at a Mac store "This is a robbery! the cosmetics or the life!" XD

  7. I like your dress, you look amazing.
    I am not a fan of neon, but I like it with pastels

  8. ooooooooooooooooooh so BEAUTIFUL <3 I want your dress omg neon rocks

  9. Nice dress. :-) I've got this lipstick and I love it. But I'll wear it when it's sunnier :p

  10. I love natural face with some crazy neony lipstick, it's awesome.

  11. I like it sweet !