A Day with KRYOLAN

by 9.3.13

Hello Sweets,

Kryolan organized a wonderful day for the meet and greet winners and me. We were given a tour through the factory by Dominik Langer and gained more insight on the history, philosophy and production from Kryolan. After our tour we had a lunch together with Dominik and talked about everything from make up to touring anecdotes.

The next stop was the Kryolan shop in Berlin where all the girls were given a little make over and make up tips. In the end I showed them a day time version of one of my stage looks.

We all had a lovely day together. Unfortunately three of the girls couldn't make it in the end. We will compensate it in another way.

Thanks for Kryolan for opening their doors for us. We enjoyed it very much! I hope the girls all got home safe!

With Chief Chemist Yousef Atapour.
Burning the bubbles.
Swatching lipsticks.
The Kryolan shop.
My favorite; the aqua colors.
From left to right; Diane, Stefanie (assistant from Kryolan), Carolina and Joan.

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  1. Anonymous9.3.13

    So nice to know where it comes from the products we use! I remember his first Kryolan Stage Look, the makeup was so beautiful. I'm sure the girls had a memorable day! Ps: In the second picture you look like curious a scientist HAHA (:

  2. Anonymous9.3.13

    isn't that the girl who won the contest?

  3. wooow so awesome! I can't believe how lucky can people be sometimes :) I wish I can win something one day! haha :) loved all the pictures!! Joan is so beautiful :)

  4. Sounds great!
    All those pics of eye shadows and everything... So delicious colours!

  5. That must be very interesting !

  6. oh... so amazing colours!:)

  7. Anonymous10.3.13

    I wished to be there ç_ç

  8. Such a shame that three of the girls could not attend, they must be devastated.
    You're so kind & gracious to your fans. It must have meant so much to them to have this wonderful day with you at Kryolan.
    I hope all you ladies are doing fine. I hope you're not nervous about Retrospect Simone?

  9. amazing colours !! love them. Love your blog and your band

  10. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.528244757218782.1073741834.130832636959998&type=1 more photos kryolan meet and great simone simons

  11. Anonymous11.3.13

    We all had a great time, Simone! Thanks for caring so well for the girls! :) Hope we meet again at one of your concerts. Best wishes <3

  12. Anonymous11.3.13

    Simone, we all had a great day, too! :) You were really kind, friendly and you cared for the girls so well. Hope to see you again at one of your concerts in the future! Best wishes <3

  13. Looks like heaven! wish I could visit this place.
    Maybe someday ;)
    Glad you all had fun!

  14. What a gorgeous group of ladies! This looks like such a nice day.

  15. This looks cool! I love how the eyeshadows look just like the macaroons! I stumbled across your blog and am your newest follower. I would love if you’d visit me at : the daily savant : and tag along if you like! I also have a giveaway on now!

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