Sydney Simons

by 23.4.13

Hello Sweets,

One of my favorite my favorite Pixar movies is 'Finding Nemo'. The Australian turtles and Dory are adorable. The first time I saw the opera house was when the school of fishes was depicting the Opera House to lead the way. Now I've finally seen it in real life. The Opera House is a stunning piece of architecture. Sydney is an amazing city that is hard not to fall in love with. The people, the ambiance, the sights, the weather and scents. Overall a wonderful place to be. I only had one hour to walk around and make some pictures, I am sure there is so much more to explore, but I save that for the next time we'll be in Sydney.

Hope you like the pictures!

Sydney Simons signing off,
Picture made by Rob.
Picture made by Rob.

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  1. I was meant to see you guys in Sydney but my friend got sick and I ended up not being able to go I an so disappointed, I hope you guys come back soon :(

  2. Wow Sisi! :) Rob enden being a great photographer too hahaha!
    I loved the pictures, thanks for sharing! Keep having fun girly :)

  3. I was lucky enough to meet you all at the Sydney gig and had my photo taken with you. I was a little star struck! I had such a great night, please come back to Australia soon, and please tell me what eyeshadow you were wearing at the Sydney show. It looked absolutely amazing!

  4. WOW, the city looks stunning!
    Your coat is awesome, BTW :)

  5. Simone! how are you?
    I really love the architecture of Sydney. My grandmother has the sisters there and I would love to visit some day! :)
    But first I would like to see London or Paris, and if possible go during the fashion weeks ♥


  6. What a beautiful place :)

  7. Anonymous23.4.13

    Sydney! Just a beautiful place to be! Ps:Rob is an amazing photographer! HAHA

  8. Anonymous23.4.13

    What a wonderful place .. Must be nice to be there.
    Loved all the photos.

  9. The sydney Opera House is like a bigger even more impressive version of the SECC in Glasgow. I hope all of you will consider coming back one day, it would mean the world to me,the small intimate crowds have a special feeling,it's like we're a family for a few hours.
    Thats a nice yacht next to the cruise ship. Have you encountered any big ass spiders yet?

  10. Please please blog through your pregnancy!! As someone with a child (Amber -she's now 3 years old) it would be wonderful to hear about your experiences!! xxx

  11. you look really great, I hope you are doing fine!

    I'd love to visit all the great places you show us here someday.

    Groetjes from Germany!

  12. Beautiful place!!
    Simone CONGRATS!!!!!! I am so happy for you! I wish you the best in your life! God bless your family. Big kiss

  13. Great pictures! I love them, it seems almost imposible for me to go over there, I hope you took lots of pictures and describe us the city and their lifestyle =).

    Simone, congratulations for your pregnancy, I'm really happy about it, this child will be very loved by all your fans =). Take care a lot! And congratulations again for this huge step in your lifes.

    Regards from Mexico.


  14. Sydney is a beautiful name, you should name the baby that way

    Greetings from Mexico

  15. Just keep swimming. And congrats!

  16. I have to go there! great photos simone :3

  17. Sydney definitely looks like a fascinating city. Australia in general is a country that I would like to visit someday. One of the few wild and untouched places left, with lots of kind people. And the pictures are amazing as usual, I love the Opera House and the city lights.

    I would also like to send my congratulations both to you and Oliver. Such a great gift, and I'm sure you'll be a wonderful mother :) take care!

  18. You look really great :)
    Beautiful photos :)
    Congrats :)
    Kisses from Portugal :)

  19. Ohh, those are great pictures! Loved your Finding Nemo reference, that was the first time I saw the Sydney opera house too :)
    Hope you had a safe trip back home, love!