Beauty Bin #1

by 22.6.13

Hi Sweets,

After saving up lots of used up packaging I am ready to present my first 'Beauty Bin', also known as 'Empties'. I will give a little review per item going clockwise.

Let me know if you have any experiences with these products and which ones you keep on repurchasing like me. Hope you enjoy!

Have a lovely evening!
Nivea Creme Peeling
Does it's job. Scent is not overly powerful which is good. I always use a shower gel after. This peeling doesn't interfere with the scent of other shower gels which is good. Every skin needs a good peeling once a week, depending on your skin type. I like to peel once a week or more whenever my skin feels like some polishing. Too much is not good because it can irritate your skin.

Redken Fresh Curls Shampoo
The scent of this product is just to die for! Even though I don't have real curly hair, mine is half wavy half straight, I still enjoy this product. It cleans the hair in a gentle way and leaves it bouncy and feeling super fresh. It feels light and make your hair lie on the top of your head like your hair ways 10 kg. I have heavy hair and it tends to get a bit flat. The coconut oil gives the hair a beautiful shine. This shampoo is concentrated. A little goes a long way.

Sensodyne Pro Smelz Tooth paste 
I brush my teeth every time after I've eaten something. This is just great tooth paste that is not aggressive and good for my sensitive teeth. Many other tooth pastes make the corners of my mouth dry and crack. The flavor is slightly minty but also kind of salty. It doesn't leave little mint bombs in your mouth that blows people away, but leaves it fresh and clean.

Balea Waterproof Make Up Remover
This is probably the 9th bottle that I've bought in the past. It contains half out of water, half oil. Shake it up before you use it so that the water and oil mix. It is great for my super skin around my eyes. I guess it says enough that I keep on buying it. The quality and price are amazing. Need to get a new one soon.

Bebe Quick and Clean Wash gel- Eye Make Up Remover for Normal/Mixed Skin
First I need to say that I have an extremely sensitive mixed skin, which doesn't make it easy for many products to work on my skin. This I used up, but wasn't such a big fan of it. It left my face way too clean, making cartoony like squeaky sounds. A bit too aggressive for sensitive/ mixed skin. Still, it does take of the make up, but I could not wait to put on my face cream right after using this.

Dove Go Fresh Shower Gel 'Grapefruit Lemongrass'
A super fresh scented shower gel with micro pearls that gently exfoliate the skin. I am a huge fan from all the Dove shower gels. I've tried almost all their shower gels. I am not the biggest fan of lemon scented beauty products, but this one works well with my nose. I even have the body spray which I like to use for my bunk in the tour bus to make it nice and good smelly.

Balea Young Mango Vanilla Shower Gel
Great scent that is not too sweet and leaves my skin super soft. Only downside is the bottle. I had to perform aqua earobics to squeeze something out of this bottle. You need muscles to get something out.

Rival de Loop Clean & Care Waterproof Make Up Remover
When I used this the first times it felt a bit uncomfortable around the eyes. Because of the travel size I decided to give it another go and take it with me on tour. By the second time around, my eyes got used to it and it does it's job ok. It is not as oily as the Balea waterproof make up remover, which I prefer.

Balea Shaving Foam with Aloe Vero for sensitive skin
This is also my 3th or 4th bottle. It comes out directly as a foam and not a gel that develops into a foam. Balea is one of my favorite drugstore brands which can be found at the german 'DM' shops. It is perfect for my legs, which tend to get a bit dry. The scent is not too strong. Definitely will be repurchasing this one again. It is affordable and last a long time.

Elkos Nail Polish Remover (EDEKA brand)
There was a time where I always forgot to bring nail polish remover on tour with me. This one I bought at a german supermarket. It doesn't contain acetone and takes the nail polish off like any other. It stinks just much as all the other nail polish removers. Some add a scent, but the core scent is nasty.

Kryolan Day Cream
Also my second container, given to me by KRYOLAN. For my sensitive mixed skin it hydrates really well. I used this as a day and night cream. The jar is very heavy because it is made out of metal, but the good things is that the light can't break down the formula and therefore the cream won't lose it's effect. Downside is that it is too heavy for traveling. Luckily you can buy little plastic containers for traveling. I am currently testing their eye cream and I am really loving it. So far no allergic reaction, which is very good.

Kerastase Elixir K Ultime Oleo Complex Hair Mask 
The Elixir Ultime oil is known in the blogger sphere and quite loved. When I saw the hair care line from this oil, I knew I had to try it. The scent got to me and I just had to test it. After finishing this bottle I came to the conclusion that I won't buy it again. It is not the best hair mask (I used it with a shampoo from the same line), and the shine in the hair is created by little gold sparkles in the mask. After a while the scent also became a bit too overpowering, but that might just be me being pregnant.  I am currently using the 'Carol's Daughter Monoi Oil Repairing Hair Mask' which does wonders for my hair. That one will be featured in 'Beauty Bin #2' since I am almost running out.

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  1. great review Sisi! :) I have never tried any of these but for sure I will ;) Being pregnant changes a lot your body, right? I've heard you might even loose some hair during the days, is that true?


  2. I used some of these products, such as Dove body wash, and it's amazing, I love the result. The skin is smooth and soft, like a baby, 100 percent recommended.
    As for the others, I will try them, then I'll tell you my results :)

  3. I've used the lemon shower gel from Dove couple of times I think...the scent is ok but it kinda reminds me of lemon scented cleaning detergents and because I was working as a cleaner for some time, it brings back those memories, haha. That's why I stopped using it :)
    Another thing I wanted to say on Twitter, but there's a damn character's limit there :/ You're my beauty idol, whenever I look at your photos it gets me motivated to put that silk on my hair or the conditioner on my nails, even though I can't be bothered sometimes, but thanks to you I always have one thought in my mind- all those little things makes you beautiful so making that extra effort counts :D

  4. Oh I was so looking forword to such a post from you :) Thank you my dear! Hope you´re well?
    Could you tell me if the Kryolan Day cream has some perfume in it? Cause I have some very sensitive mixed skin by myself and a good day cream is so difficult to find :(

    And If have read you are using carols Daugher! I love her stuff! Have you tried SheaMoisture products yet? Their Hibiscus and Cocnut Shampoo and the Hair milk are so great, even for non curly hair. They goes best with long hair without making it flat or to smooth ( my hair is nearly waist long and fine, so I know what I say ^^).

    The Dove showergels are really wonderful, I loved the wintertime series :)Which one do you like best? In Summer I´m using the mint and bergamotte one from Alverde and the Rose showercream from Dr. Hauschka ( I really love rose scents, but not in my perfume ^^)but some fruty scents from Nivea and the Coconut one from balea is fine either :)
    Wish you a great day!

    1. The Kryolan day cream doesn't contain perfume which is good ;)

  5. Anonymous23.6.13

    Hey Simone. :) Great review! I have to say, I love the Go Fresh range from Dove! Those shower gels are so nice and soft on the skin. Their shampoos also make my hair nice and fluffy. Perhaps sometime you could write a mini-review section like this dedicated to products which are good for sensitive skin? I have horribly sensitive skin, and most products have me in an itchy rash and sometimes burn my skin. It's often hard to find products which work with softer and more sensitive skin, as I'm sure you know. A little list and review section would be very helpful to quite a few people, I'm sure. :) Just a little suggestion. Thanks, and keep rocking!

  6. Hi Simone, I remember you wrote that you use body lotions before going to bed, since you don´t like to use them after the shower and get oily spots on your pants. Just wrote to say that here in Sweden, Nivea came out with a In-shower lotion. You use this one after your shower gel, then rinse off and that´s all. It contains Almond oil and leaves the skin super soft. I didn´t love the scent but it is not strong anyway. I´m sure it will be in Germany soon if it´s not there already. About your review, things get difficult when you have curly hair (which is extremely dry), the redken shampoo leaves my hair clean but a little bit dry. I wonder about the Aussie sample you bought. Did it work? Love from Stockholm.

  7. There are a couple of nice new discoveries that I've recently bought that I will surely buy again. First is a face cleansing balm by No 7. It gets most of your makeup off. You will of course still need an eye makeup remover. I like to use the Maybeline expert eyes water proof remover. But I really fell in love with the cleansing balm because it leaves my skin feeling very moisturized. As for hair products, I love the John Frieda finishing creme. You put it in your hair once it's dry and it really takes care of the frizz. Before I had kids I used to have very curly hair, but with pregnancy my hair became straight and slightly wavy. Both of my kids have curly hair, because I suppose they took my curls :) Nonetheless I have that type of hair that needs frizz taming. This stuff works.

  8. Hi Simone!
    Unfortunately I can't get those products in my City =(, at least I hadn't see them before. But thanks for the review. Dove is not a brand that I like so much. In spite I have dry skin, their products seems to be very oily for me. For hair products I use a German brand called "Schwarzkopf Professional". This brand is awesome! I used Smooth Express Repair Rescue for damaged hair, Dandruf Shampoo, Moisture Kick for dry hair and love all their lines. I think you can get those products very easily.

    Regards from Mexico!