Sleek Look with 'AU Natural' Palette

by 27.7.13

Hi Guys!

One of my favorite eyeshadow palettes are definitely the 'Sleek' Palettes. They are so inexpensive and super pigmented. In each palette you get 12 colors and a huge mirror for a price of only €8. Sleek is an English brand, but you can find it online at many beauty shops or Ebay.

This look I created with the 'Au Naturel 601' palette. I used the 1st, 4th, 7th, 10th, 11th and 12th colors. On the lips I am wearing MAC's 'Vegas Volt'. It turned out to be a smokey day time look. You can see the look in a video from a new project I'm going to be part of: KARMAFLOW.

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  1. Anonymous27.7.13

    Sleek is definitely one of my favourite brands :)I like the look and the lipstick is fantastic!

  2. simone ho beautiful as always, thanks for the tips helped me an demaciado are my inspiration again THANKS FROM CHILE

  3. Yes they are very beautiful colors
    and they are very well make you
    look more beautiful than you
    already are. Highlight the color of
    your eyes and I really loved how
    you makeup was fabulous ... ;)

  4. I own several Sleek palettes and a few blushes.
    My favourie palettes are Bad Girl, Showstoppers and Oh so special. The one I don't have is Supreme (which I really want though) and Au Naturel. But for a more natural makeup I tend to use the Zoeva nude shimmer palette :)

  5. Wow so beautiful lips

  6. I have 2 Sleek palettes and I want to buy more soon! Love them :)
    You're make-up is beautiful! I also wanted to buy "Vegas Volt"... do you recommend about this lipstick?!

  7. These colors are so suitable for your eye color. Also love the lipstick. Do you apply your lipstick with brush or normal with lipstick?

  8. Hello Simone
    I really like the Sleek palettes.
    I also have the face form from Sleek, is really good :)
    Your lipstick is amazing!

  9. Hi! Simon where you increased your lips? in the USA or Germany? looks pretty good, I also want to increase slightly lower lip as you ... tell me please

    1. No surgery for me, just Invisalign and pregnancy :)

  10. Anonymous28.7.13

    What happened to your teeth, Simone?

  11. Simone, you look beautiful, as usual <3

    I have this palette, it's really wonderful. I also have Storm, Sparkle 2, Sunset, Bad Girl and Original.
    They'll suit you, really.

  12. That palette looks like just what I'm looking for! Love my matte neutrals ^_^
    I haven't tried anything from Sleek, but I have some stuff from e.l.f., they are also a very affordable but also good brand.

  13. i have sleek palettes - candy , brights and oh so special :) i love sleek, i want au natural :)


  14. Very beautyful! I own the "oh so special" palette and nearly use it every day. Really wanna have more sleek products. Maybe this palette should be next :)

  15. Anonymous1.8.13

    You look so beautiful on this colors. I used use brown and black in my eyes. It look so powerful and elegant. :) Regards.

  16. wow, very classy and nice at the same time :) I don't own any sleek products because I thought they were TOO expensive, but now that you say the opposite, I will buy some :)
    NICE! And I loved the video of the new videogame project!

  17. Delicate and classic! Perfect!