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by 9.12.13

It's the time of the year where I long for scented candle light and extra moisturized lips. When the seasons change, my lips tend to get really dry for a couple of days. The heater and cold wind dry are to blame.

I decided to give the Fresh sugar lip balm a try. They are quite pricey, but I read some good reviews about them and wanted to make the investment. So happy that I did, I really love it! A huge plus is that the color is just right for me. The perfect light rosewood that keeps my lips moisturized all day long.

My current scented candle that I am loving is from Caudalie. It is their Oil Divine candle which smells exactly like the oil. I do have to say that it is very strong. This little friend can make the whole house smell good in seconds. You don't need to burn it for very long. It can become a bit overpowering. Still, the scent is amazing. I got this candle in a christmas set from last year. I am sure that Caudalie will do something similar this year, so keep an eye out for that.

What are your favorite scented candles and lip balms?

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  1. I work at the christmas market to earn some money while I study. Standing in the cold wind the whole time, my Body Shop Hemp Lip Conditioner became an everyday item again - it is very intensive and lasts literally the whole day. Even chapped lips and ripped mouth edges (why I bought it) where cured within two days (and then used only once a week). Quite expensive but worth every Cent.

  2. It looks perfect in you Simone :)

  3. My college dorm doesn't allow scented candles in our rooms, but I still wanted my room to smell festive for the holiday season. I got the Glade Plugins in Apple Cinnamon Cheer and Sparking Spruce, where it's just heated oil you plug into an outlet. It's a perfect scent for the winter and you can set it to a low setting so that it doesn't overwhelm my tiny dorm room! Xoxo!

  4. Very nice! Is that your natural lip color? looks like it really does its job :) I want to try out some candles, never used one before for the entire house!

  5. Anonymous10.12.13

    Hallo liebe Simone! :-)

    Meine liebsten Duftkerzen für die Winter-/Weihnachtszeit findest du auf dieser Seite:


    Ich habe mir "Orangenlebkuchen", "Gewürznelken & Zimtrinde" und "Winterapfel & Zimt" bestellt und sie duften alle einfach unglaublich toll, ohne künstlich oder zu aufdringlich zu riechen. Kann ich sehr empfehlen und sind ihren Preis auf jeden Fall mehr als wert!

    Mein liebster Lip Balm ist der Everon-Lip Balm von Weleda - er ist sehr reichhaltig, hält die Lippen wirklich lange geschmeidig und duftet noch dazu ganz zart nach Rose. Und natürlich 100% Naturkosmetik.
    Da er neutral im Farbton ist, verwende ich ihn auch oft als Base für meine Lippenstifte.

    Ganz liebe Grüße aus Wien und eine wunderschöne, besinnliche Adventszeit für dich und deine kleine Familie!


  6. I've got Aco's tinted lipbalm. Aco is available only at the pharmacy and it's not very pricy and I love the fact, that it's tinted. There's two tints; the other is red apple and the lighter one looks quite similar to yours Simone. I love scented candles and this time of year I like mine spicy and warm scented. One of my favorites is Partylite's Ebony oud, but also all the Christmassy scents are nice. :)

  7. I have very dry skin and lips and my whole life I was extremely addicted to lipbalms because of that. Labello and all the 'paraffine' lip balms are extremely addictive and dries out even more. Also my favorite coconut oil which I use for cooking, but also for my body and face, dried out my lips even more.

    I found one lip balm that is perfect and it's from UNE. all natural ingredients and feels really good. not dry, not too smooth either. it's quite expensive i think, 11 euros. but it's worth it! i have the one without colour this time, because none of the colours that they have really suites me. but this is ok as well :)

  8. Nice post! Very noticable the dry lips. I'm also pampering my lips with rich lipbalms. I'm using the better ones from the Labello collection, I don't really pay attention to other brands. I'm happy enough if it works :) Since the Primark in Eindhoven is open I often go inside there for some goodies and I've tried their scented candles. I'm pretty happy with their scented candles. They were only €1,- so no complaints about the price :)

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  10. Hello Simone :)

    My absolute favourites in terms of candle scents have always been cinnamon and apple :) I'm obsessed with cinnamon! I usually buy the one from AirWick - it's big, it smells gorgeous and after it's gone you are left with a nice square glass that you can use to store your small things. This year, however, I bought a few more scents to try and I really loved them: Winter fruits, ,mulled wine and frosted cherry, all from StarLytes. They're made with natural soy blend and smell amazing, perfect combo fro Christmas! Got them in a 99p store, definitely gonna buy them again :)

  11. Von woher kann man die fresh lipbalms eigentlich bekommen ?