Sally Hansen - Kook a Mango

by 12.4.14

One of my purchases in the States is this gorgeous nail polish from Sally Hansen - 450 Kook a Mango.

Although it doesn't come close to the color of a mango, it is a great warm, soft neon pink for spring. The neon level is just about right, it doesn't hurt my eyes.

What I love is that the brush is super wide.  It's opaque and has a creme finish. Two coats and you're good to go! 

For almost 15 ml you pay around $7. 

What are your favorite spring colors?

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  1. Awesome color! My favourites for spring time are peaches and greens :)

  2. There is always a place for fifty shades of blue... Spring, summer, autumn, winter and all in between!

  3. I like pinks and corail (coral?). This one is really nice too !

  4. Hi Simone! This color looks beautiful!

    I would like to know, do you do your own nails at home? If so, do you have any tips for us? Everytime I try doing my nails myself it always comes out as a disaster!

    Have a great Easter! =)