Beauty Bin #6

by 12.5.14

Time for another Beauty Bin. I've been hoarding the empty packages like a semi pro. Sometimes I have thrown stuff away. For example when I got on a trip, I often take mini samples and use them up during my trip. To take them back with me to feature in a BB would be a bit absurd. Face whips and tooth past won't be featured here as well. The same goes for toilet paper, if you get what I'm saying. :)

From bottom left to right:

Nivea Soft Milk
I love the scent, the feeling on my skin. 400 ml took quite some time to use up, but I love putting on body lotion after a bathing/shower session. Dry patches on my arms are gone!

Vaseline Spray and Go in Aloe Vera
First time when I saw this was at Beautygloss. I like the idea and finally found some at a Dutch super market. I also have the oatmeal scent of it, but like the aloe more. To say that it is super hydrating, I wouldn't say so. If DM would make a spray version of my beloved soft oil balsam, I would hoard it.
The idea is great, now it needs to be filled with a great moisturizer and it would be perfect.

Bioderma Sensibio
Yes, still loving this. At the moment I am testing a Nivea version of the water of goodness. So far so good. Will get some more Sensibio when I am in Paris. Forgot to get some last time around. I was too busy eating crepes.

Andrelon Oil and Care Shampoo
Argan oil, the new hair trend. Put it on a package and it will be sold to all the long haired people out here. It's good, but does make the hair greasy quite fast. Scent is nice, not too overpowering.

Alverde Mango Papaya Deo Roll On (no aluminum salt)
I was using this during my quest to find the perfect 'safe' deodorant. This has to be one of the best I've come around, but at the end of the day I do smell like a jungle. Haven't found the perfect one.
Best would be to apply this a couple of times a day. It does need a while to dry so hang those armpits under the fan in the bath room or you'll walk around with some darkened arm pits for all to see ;)
I don't use spray deodorants anymore. They kind of make me choke and irritate my throat.

Eubos Sensitive Handcreme
The. best. ever. Point again. Will by this over and over and over. Did I already say over?

Mac Brush Cleanser
A good product for some brush cleansing. Deep cleaning should be done with a different product.
This is good for the in between sessions. Make up brushes that are used for creme products should be washed with soap and water. I bought the Hema brush cleanser, really curious to see what it will do and if it can keep up with this.

Maybelline Waterproof make up remover
My bottle number 'I don't remember'. Good stuff. The Nivea make up remover that Lisa recommended burns my eyes and somehow it doesn't mix well when you shake it. 

Manhattan Endless Stay Make Up in Porcelain
Already have the second tube. This is a great foundation for women with a mixed skin and little time. I need waterproof mascara, the best concealer and a good long-lasting foundation. This does the job and won't kill your wallet.

Rituals Shower Foam Rice Milk and Cherry Blossom
This is like shaving your whole body without a razor. Seriously, the most luxurious shower sensation. Good for Rituals that they have come out with new scents. I will be checking those out. 

Burts Bees Rose tinted Lip balm
This is the perfect 'mylipsbutbetter' color. I wonder if they changed the formula or if my back up went bad. I hope for me it is not the latter. My back up I only used twice and just couldn't cope with the smell. 

Aloe Lips from Forever Living
Using this since years and am currently finishing up the last one of my stock. Time to move on. 

L'occitane almond hand creme
Yes, I love almonds! I love this range from L'occitane. Still, this isn't coming close to Eubos and the price makes me not want to buy it again. €7 for such a tiny, not so amazing, hand creme. I use way too much to spend that money on something that doesn't take care of my dry hands. It is a great travel companion, but won't heal my dry hands.

Dusch Das Golden Cashmere Deo Roll On
A staple in my collection of anti smelly products. The scent is warm and clean. A great recommendation from Mira. 

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  1. I always read your beauty tips. I've learned much from reading them. I didn't find the perfect deodorant either, but now im trying with rexona bamboo, the scent is pretty soft, and i have to say that i love it.
    Well happy mothers day by the way. I think we should celebrate mothers all the year ;) Kisses to your baby

  2. Das Vaseline Spray hab ich auch, aber noch nicht benutzt. Muss noch Kakao und Hafer leer machen. :-) Hatte mir in London alle drei mitgenommen. Die Anwendung und Textur ist echt super. Aber es stimmt schon, sehr reichhaltig ist sie nicht. Aber im Sommer bestimmt perfekt.

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  4. Simone. Have You tried Natura hand creme? It costs €10, but I'm using for months and my hands is soft and moisturized. I can send You some informations, if you want.

  5. Simone. Have You tried Natura hand creme? It costs €10, but I'm using for months and my hands is soft and moisturized. Isso can send You some informations, if you want.

  6. Hi Simone! You know, I also like to use as many natural products, or at least ones that have the less chemicals in them, possible. For the deodorant, I use the ones sold by Yves Rocher. They don't cost a lot, they smell heavenly and they don't have aluminium salt anymore! The one I love to use and that doesn't leave me stinking at the end of the day is the Almond scent. I haven't tried the Aloe Vera one yet, but from some of the comments, it doesn't seem to be as effective.

    I hope that it would work for you if you try it out ;)