Beauty Bin #9

by 26.1.15

This Beauty Bin is extra large so I divided the products in 'face, hair and body'. Like this it is a bit more organized and you can have a better look at the products.

Let's jump right into them. Starting with the BB items which I've used for my face.


  • Balea Ultra Sensitive Face Milk: I use this in the morning to cleanse my face from oil and sleepiness. It is perfect for my sensitive mixed skin. A staple in my routine.
  • Bioderma Crealine: This is always the second to last step in my skin cleansing routine. I've tried other cleansing waters like these, but keep on coming back to Bioderma.
  • Nivea Waterproof Make Up Remover: Bought this one because Lisa Eldridge raved about it. On my eyes it stings, so I won't be repurchasing this again.
  • Mac Mineralize Volcanic Ash Exfoliator: This used to he a limited edition product, but is now in MAC Cosmetics permanent range. It is a sugar face exfoliator that contains volcanic ash. It is black as night and when you start to rub it on your face it foams slightly and turns grey. You can also use this as a face mask. It leaves my skin soft and nicely exfoliated. It is also fun to use and scare your partner or yourself when you've forgotten that you put it on and then look in the mirror.
  • Weleda Almond Face Creme: My husband uses this and I got curious and tried it myself. Now I love it. It is quite rich especially for a combo skin, but it doesn't break me out and keeps my skin nice and hydrated. I am already on my third tube.


  • Andrelon Keratine Repair Conditioner: This is my favorite Dutch drugstore brand for hair. It contains silicone, but I need that due to the limestone in the water in my hometown. It smells divine too!
  • Andrelon Keratine Repair 1-Minute Mask: Great for people with little time. It is very rich and creamy. You don't really also need this one. I now only just use the conditioner. Didn't notice a difference between the two to be honest.
  • Alterra Hydrating Pomegranate Shampoo: The home brand from the German drugstore 'Rossman''. I am a huge fan of the scent and the fact that it is free of silicone. Sometimes you need to give the hair a break. This is one works well with the limestone, but I can only use it for a short time. It doesn't lather so well.
  • Alterra Hydrating Pomegranate Hair Mask: Instead of getting the conditioner, I got the hair mask. A total recommendation. No silicone, but still that kind of soft feeling that silicone gives.
  • Rituals Brilliant Bliss Shampoo: Rituals is a my luxury/spa brand. This shampoo makes my hair shine really beautifully, it smells sooo good. It is quite harsh on my scalp, so can't use this too often.
  • L'Oreal Absolute Repair Hair Mask: A product that I have been using on and off for years. A great hair mask, a bit pricy so I prefer to go to drugstore hair masks since I use them quite often.


  • Nivea Creme Care Shower Creme: Love this scent and that it is so affordable. Works good for me.
  • Dove Shower Gel: I'm a Dove shower gel junkie. This is my favorite at the moment. Makes my skin super soft.
  • Balea Body Lotion: The best. Ever. Great for dry skin and for shiny summer legs.
  • Ebelin Nail Polish Remover: This nailpolish remover is acetone free. It does the job and is affordable.
  • Dusch Das Golden Cashmere Deo Roller: Love this scent. I don't use deo sprays anymore because they get me into a coughing fit. Rollers are the way to go for me. I am using up the sprays I have and then it is bye bye deo sprays for me.
  • Nivea Satin Sensation Deo Roller: A great deodorant, but not travel or clumsy friendly because of the fact that is comes in a glass bottle. Tried it once, but will continue to use my Dusch Das and Sebamed deos.


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  1. Alessandra26.1.15

    Hi Simone! Thank you for this Beauty Bin and for Your tips! I'm going to try Rituals products and L'Oréal hair mask :)
    Have a nice week!

  2. Teky Frost26.1.15

    Bioderma ceraline is a great thing :) I've just used up mine so I'll try Garnier, I've heard it's good.

  3. I think I should try the Golden Cashmere roll on. I also adore this scant. And I also adore the Mandel Lotion :D

  4. I really love the Balea Bodylotion. I've been using it for a few years now and it makes my skin amazingly soft.

    And also I'm obsessed with Rituals lately, especially with their hand products. I started using the Miracle Scrub and it's perfect for my hands, which are very dry since I'm always working with fabrics or paint and have to wash my hands a lot.

  5. Christien de Vries26.1.15

    too bad I'm allergic to the most of the Andrélon products. I got a really aching scalp of them and scratching your head all day is not pleasant.

    I use the Nivea Hydro care shampoo and conditioner (as far as I know are they both free of silicones, but I'm living in Lelystad and the water here is "soft") Here's a link to the shampoo, maybe you can check it out sometimes :)

    The only thing I'm struggeling with is the hydration of my body and the huge breakouts on my back and my breast... for now, I guess I'll use oil after cleansing because paffarin-based trash will cause more breakouts... :'(

  6. Kas1127.1.15

    L'Oreal Absolute Repair Hair Mask is worth every penny, great post, I will keep my eyes out on the other items.

  7. Viktorija Olimpija Rakūnaitė27.1.15

    I really want to try out Balea products, but I can't find them anywhere in the UK... The body lotion looks like something I would love!

  8. Annatar27.1.15

    Hi Simone! Do you know if the Dusch Das Golden Cashmere Deo Roller contains aluminium?

  9. Hélianthe von WasmachtHeli com27.1.15

    I always like to read used-up blogposts, because it means you've had time to form an opinion.
    Thank you for sharing your beauty bin with us.

  10. Oh, that MAC exfoliator and the Rituals shampoo...seem very appealing to me.
    Loooove that L'oreal hair mask! It is the one I use. Bit pricey, yes, but the smell...tempting!Hmm :) Always end up bying it. Curious about balea products, since you always mention them, but do not know if they are available here in Portugal. Need to investigate that. xx

  11. Since you love Dove shower gel, I recommend you Dove's deo roller. I have sensitive skin and it works really great. And smells like talcum powder. I really appreciate it, compared with ones which penetrating or citric smell ends up being unpleasant. and it has no alcohol. It's wonderful!

  12. Ana Dobrota29.1.15

    I love the Balea Soft-Öl Balsam, it's perfect for my dry skin, and has a very rich scent. I will definitely try out Balea Ultra Sensitive Face Milk, right now I'm using Bioten Skin Moisture.

  13. Jessie Line29.1.15

    thanks for inspire me to try some of this stuff :-) i really need some new stuff for my hair because i colorize very often and it don't look really healthy in my opinion!

    I'm redhead too very long time but i really want to know how often you have to colorize your hair for this great red? :)

  14. Semara Simu Shahin31.1.15


    I've been looking forward to another one of your Beauty Bin's posts :).

    And because of your posts, I've been dying to try out some of Balea's products but I can't because I live in South East Asia and they don't sell their products internationally :(

  15. Jennifer Ospina31.1.15

    I have the same problem :(

  16. Semara Simu Shahin3.2.15

    I cry everytime :'(

  17. Claudia InWonderland4.2.15

    I got rid of body and hair products with silicone like 5 or 6 years ago. The first time I washed my hair with a silicone free shampoo I wasn't satisfied with the result .Then I was told that the hair has to get used to the absence of silicone, so I tried again and it was a looot better.

    Anyway, I didn't know Balea products and after a research I see that they are good and have a "nice" INCI. Unfortunately in Italy this brand is not available anymore .Too bad cause I would have liked to try something :(

    I love when you talk about your beauty routine, even if I have a totally different one ( I'm almost all home made). Looking forward to the next!

  18. Eva Sêco7.2.15

    Hm, my hair is extra-fine... And I always wanted to have that Edward Scissor Hands look... Finally I found a shampoo that's cheap and great "Natural Honey - with Argan Oil" ! miraculous! My Edward Scissor Hands haircut... I nailed it!

    As a matter of fact, this low budget brand revealed to be great! I use the shower gel "Love Potion" which has a delicious perfume and the body lotion "7 in 1" for the crazy skin I have! Love the brand!

  19. Eva Sêco7.2.15

    Never saw them in Portugal... Try check the Internet!

  20. Semara Simu Shahin9.2.15

    What's the brand called? Thanks! :)

  21. Eva Sêco9.2.15

    Natural Honey :)

  22. Femke Van Der Leij-Nijdam21.2.15

    de niveau Deo zit tegenwoordig in niet glazen verpakking... althans in Nederland...

  23. Corrie Goodison17.3.15

    Thank you for sharing this! I used to live in Switzerland, close to the German border, so I walked over to the DM to get my beauty staples :) I miss Balea very much, will need to get some next time I'm over. What product would you recommend for dry skin? Since coming into my 20s, my skin has become very dry :/

  24. marguerite8.4.15

    I'm almost sure that keratin is an animal-derived component. Since I knew about it I stopped using keratin right away. I saw the last post about vegan brushes (and I liked it lots) but if you're vegan or you're commited to it...I think is important for you to know about it. Hugs and greetings!!