Pure Red - L'Oréal Paris

by 12.1.15

A red lipstick should be part of every woman's make up collection, if you'd ask me.

Nowadays there are so many different shades that suite every skin type, eye color, hair color.
My collection of reds has expanded explosively. I love to wear a red lipstick during the day and at night and onstage. It fits to all kinds of make up, a neutral eye, a smokey eye (check out my Charlotte Tilbury post) or a classic pin up look with a nice flick of a black liner. To be honest, the options are limitless. It is just how you feel comfortable, how it represents you and your mood.

L'Oréal Paris came out with some lovely red matte shades that suits every woman. I picked out three and swatched them for you guys to see!

The finish is matte, the texture is super creamy and they feel very lightweight on the lips. They don't dry out at all and are super gorgeous. Have a look!

Heike, Blake, Liya
Heike, Liya and Blake

Which one do you think suits me best? I know that Liya and Blake look quite similar, but my camera had a hard time with all those red lipstick pictures it had to document. My camera is seeing red ;)


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  1. Ana Dobrota12.1.15

    I'm thinking "Heike", 'cause it has that orangy tone that goes with your hair, and contrasts your eyes the most :)

  2. Well, I think that all of them suits you. I am trying to find the difference between Blake and Lyia, since I prefer these two in you. Maybe Lyia :) Your lips look so full! Love it. Although my favorite lipstick colour in me is brown (matt) I agree with you, every woman should have a red lipstick. I have a few of my own and I adore them. Totally completes the face and the outfit. xx

  3. Semara Simu Shahin13.1.15

    Heike, as Ana stated. It contrasts beautifully on your red hair and fair skintone.

  4. Thamyres Colaço13.1.15

    Heike, sem dúvidas!

  5. Teky Frost13.1.15

    Liya & Blake :) Although all fit you well, I like these two :)

  6. Heike en Blake!
    Heike goes best with your hair.

  7. All look amazing!! You would love the red matte from O Boticario. I think that the brand is only sold in Latin America (but you'll come here soon, so), the lipstick is AWESOME and last like forever, I can eat and drink and the lipstick stays the same!

  8. Paula13.1.15

    I really loved "Heike"!! You look wonderful with all tones! You look more natural with "Heike" along with your hair tone and eyes :)

  9. Kathleen Godoy13.1.15

    I love red lipstick, so for me the 3 options are perfect! But I prefer more the shades that is more dark. Liya and Blake is so gorgeous, you should use one of them on the concerts.

  10. Mandy Meadows13.1.15

    I think it looks amazing on you and every other woman in the world, but somehow I really don't appreciate red on me. As you said, I have to persevere and find my shade ...
    I prefer the orangish one on you, but the other two are great too ! ;)
    Take care!

  11. Fabiana14.1.15

    I think Blake is the best and looks better on you.

  12. Eva Sêco14.1.15

    The heike one is the one that I believe suits you best.... For me I would choose blake... I have dark hair... a round face, with white skin and my cheeks tend to get red often... So... I guess it would make me look a bit like a goth doll... Or maybe I'm absolutely wrong. Ah ahah.

  13. Massiel14.1.15

    Indeed :)

  14. I totally agree!

  15. Jessie Line15.1.15

    definitly "heike"💋💋

  16. Lisa Smolinski15.1.15

    Liebe Simone!

    Ich finde, dass dir "Heike" am besten steht. Die Farbe passt super zu deinen (wunderschönen!) Haaren!

    Liebe Grüße aus Leipzig (in Vorfreude auf Montag)
    Lisa :)

  17. Caroline18.1.15

    Hi Simone! They all look so beautiful on you !
    If I have to chose one, I would say Blake.
    But It depends in which mood I am (;

    xx Caroline

  18. shelynx24.1.15

    Ich liebe "Heike" an Dir! Damit strahlst du ganz besonders! Ich habe Blake noch gar nicht getragen... aber Heike könnte ich auch ständig auflegen, obwohl ich zunächst dachte, es wäre mir zu knallig.

  19. Eva Sêco15.4.15

    I know this was in 2013...but kids sure have a lot in common... Like wanting to start a girls band...loving carnaval because of all the makeup... Camping in our own home... Having some kind of guardian angel that saves us from all the most incredible accidents...

    And as a grown up, yes, the sound of train outside, and even thunder... Is so relaxing and cozy! The smell of extinguished candles remind me... Of something good of my past but that I don't remember what it is...

    I'm glad I found this post... It brings me good memories... I'm always so sad. Thanks.

  20. Eva Sêco15.4.15

    And why do you have to find there was any reason for Simone to specify that the friend was a woman of colour?

    Thinking about psychology for example... She was talking about her early ages... So has a child, she would find that person that was not a child! a bit different because she was a bit darker than she was! Nevertheless, she paid not that much attention to that and made that woman her best friend.

    This was what Simone wanted to say :

    I was a child and my first best friend was a grown up