by 17.3.15

Beach, metal and the sea. What more do you need to have a good time on tour? We were lucky enough to have some spare time at the Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro. The weather was perfect so Isaac and me took the camera and shot some fun outfit pictures for SmoonStyle.

  • Sunglasses - Ray Ban Aviatior size 55mm
  • Lipstick - Astor (limited edition)
  • Dress - H&M (about 3 years old)

Disclaimer: Ray Ban does not sponsor me. I wouldn't mind if they did one day ;)
All pictures of me where made by Isaac Delahaye.

There will be a guest post coming to you soon by the lovely Rebecca. Keep an eye out for that!


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  1. Georgia17.3.15

    Wow!!Seems like you had much fun there..! :) Great pictures!!!Isaac is talented in photography as well as i see..

  2. Lovely :)
    Isaac is too sweet!


  3. Orcrane17.3.15

    This place seems so dreamy! And you look amazing by the way!


  4. Nimedhel17.3.15

    Beautiful! Hey, by the way, I'm very curious on how you keep your hair so fiery. Do you dye it or is it your natural colour (I know you're a red-head but I'm wondering if you enhance your colour) and if so, do you use chemical dyes or natural ones like henna?

    Loads of love and have a great tour with the guys!

  5. Alfonsina Lomas17.3.15

    So so nice, great pictures Simone
    Greetings from Mexico ❤

  6. Alzemiro Henrique17.3.15

    You skin seems very light for Rio, I hope you have used a good sunscreen as well :)
    BTW, I'm looking forward to see the pictures from the meet and greet in Porto Alegre :3

  7. Dear Simone: What beautiful pictures and beautiful place! I can't even believe what happened on Friday! Thank you very much for being so friendly during the meet & greet. It really was a dream come true and the show was amazing!!! I really love Epica with all my heart!
    I hope you liked the shirts I designed for you and I hope you've read my little letter! ♥


  8. Nice photos, Isaac has tallent as a photographer too, and you , off course, as model. Ray ban should give you sponsorship, because the brand suits persons with style and good taste as you . Kind regards from a brazilian super fan of you and Epica :).

  9. I love the sun glasses so cool, and the beach I never have been in beachs with white sand

  10. Patrícia Martins17.3.15

    Beautiful! Always return to Rio de Janeiro! I was so close! Pena did not find you! hahaha kisses! The Brazilian fans love you!

  11. Such beautiful pics. Looks like you guys had fun!

    PS: de volgende keer in Zuid-Amerika mogen jullie ook langs in Suriname. Ook is het alleen maar voor vakantie ^^

  12. Ravena Magna17.3.15

    Oh,last days I was thinking:where is Simone?Where is she?
    We love Epica and you <3,so pretty!!
    Greetings from Brazil.

  13. Jessie Line17.3.15

    Wow, awesome places!
    and cute pictures :-) glad to see you had so much fun on our south america tour :)
    Now you are back in germany and i hope the weather here will be also very good , soon :-)

    see you next month in Groningen! 💋

  14. Semara Simu Shahin17.3.15

    Oh Simone, I'm so glad to be reading your blog posts again :D

  15. Sylvia Bergwerff17.3.15

    Nice pics Looks beautiful there . Like the pics with the sunglasses hihi . Zie see you again at Groningen.

  16. Elizabete17.3.15

    Olá Simone, antes de tudo quero lhe dizer que sou super sua fã, apaixonada pelo seu trabalho e dos meninos da banda, sucesso sempre! Gostaria de saber qual a numeração da tintura dos seus cabelos? Você é uma referência de estilo para mim, ficaria muito grata!!! :)

  17. Jennifer Ospina17.3.15

    waaooooo so beautiful pictures!!! I love that place cheers from colombia

  18. Annatar17.3.15

    Baywatch Simone! I see the life guards succumbed to you charm. ^^
    Isaac seems to be a very funny and nice guy by the way ahah.
    Kisses from France!

  19. Evandra17.3.15

    I loved simone <3

  20. Irakly Goikhberg17.3.15

    Can't wait for you in st. Petersburg! Hope your clean voice cleans at least some of brains full of lies! I'm not the one, but I must say that I love you too!

  21. Julie Mcqueen17.3.15

    Great ♥

  22. Well Simone, what to say...The truth that Isaac has a gift for the photography. Besides that your chamber is incredible in quality, Isaac's ingenuity with the planes is dazzling. He has you extracted a few wonderful photos! The Brazilian beaches are preferred by the Argentinians to spend the vacations. I am glad that they have enjoyed of this beautiful day in Copacabana and have enjoyed the tour along South America as us!. We wait to see them more followed hereabouts in the tours.

  23. Eva Sêco18.3.15

    Do you know that Christ is looking to our (the Portuguese) Christ? Lol but ours is a small one... Little country little Christ. Ahahahah

    I believe I never saw you in pink... Looking gooooood!
    You need to ask Isaac to come in here as an guest to show us his makeup collection! XD

    Happy you guys had a good time in South America... I've seen a lot of amazing pictures!

    Keep up being happy and simple! That's the key!!!

  24. Massiel18.3.15

    Wow! What a nice view. I love the beach. And good shots too :D

  25. How offten do you dye your hair?

  26. Rodrigo Otani18.3.15

    You and one of the most beautiful beaches around the world: Two Wonders of the World together!

  27. Dirk Bergmann18.3.15

    Schöne Bilder :-)

  28. Jessica van der Pligt18.3.15

    Wow nice simone. Love your style! ♡

  29. Johnny Rotterdam18.3.15

    why always a bra? take that damned thing off. Georgious face and buttocks, now show those boobies!

  30. Raquel Feleciano18.3.15

    How about respect?

  31. Geisa Lourenço18.3.15

    Wonderful pics Simone! I'm so glad to know that you enjoy my city! You fit so well in this scenery! How do you keep this porcelain skin??? OMG!!!
    Love <3

  32. Onbekend18.3.15


  33. Onbekend18.3.15

    Je steeds grotere groeiende ego verpest Epica voor me. Het is zo duidelijk te zien in de nieuwe clip dat je er niet tevreden bij staat. Je word live ook steeds slechter omdat je denk dat je toch wel gebakken zit. Steeds meer mensen zien het en dit is jammer. Zo zorg je er echt voor dat je minder populair gaat worden. Oja en niet te vergeten dat mijn beste vriendin je persoonlijk gekend heeft. Wat ben jij een enorme bitch zeg, niet normaal. Je ziet er zo lief uit maar dat ben je blijkbaar echt niet.

  34. Mey Sales18.3.15

    Simone love you, the guys and RIO!!!
    Couldn't go to see you guys rocking on stage, which almost killed me, hahaha...
    But I feel pretty happy and relieved to see through these amazing photos that everything went well and that you guys are amazed with the beautiful RIO and Brazilian fans!
    You are gorgeous! <3

  35. Andréia C. Santos18.3.15

    Beaches in Bahia are also great... please, come here in next time!

  36. Jorge Thuller18.3.15

    Simons, Rio is very beautiful. I live in Cachoeiras de Macacu( Waterfall of Macacu) a very beautiful city too, but is mountains and is more and less close of Rio. I love your photos.You stay perfect . Embrace!

  37. Saira Rocha19.3.15

    oooh ... that nice view as simpre simone beautiful . :)

  38. Roxane Fourny21.3.15

    So awesome glasses!

  39. Claudia InWonderland22.3.15

    Beautiful pictures. You look great as usual ! I love your pink dress :)Besides pink is my fav colour.

  40. Rêve Errance29.3.15

    Simone, you can't imagine the strength of the spiritual connection between you and your fans, you are the incarnation of life, I love seeing you happy <3

  41. Ana Luiza De Carvalho22.4.15

    I'm from Brasília and travelled to Rio to see you guys, in the last tour I travelled to São Paulo. The show was amazing, indeed you are every day better. After the show I was in the front of Windsor and I took pictures with the guys, but you didn't stop and this made me really sad ):
    I guess you were tired and I know you talked to fans in the afternoon, so, in the next tour I'll spend more time following you haha
    Counting down the days til see you again, I love you so much <3

  42. Samantha Amparo14.7.15

    Ray Ban is the best! Next time come to know the beaches of Guarujá-SP, but notice us. ;)