Bronze and Glow - Charlotte Tilbury

by 2.4.15

Spring, oh spring. Where art thou? In one day I witnessed snow, hailstorm, rain and sunshine. All seasons packed in one day. 'April doet wat hij wil'.

Today I was in desperate need of summer. With a little bit make up we can bring summer to us and turn a rainy mood into golden sunshine.

Bronzer is something I normally stay far away from. In my make up collection bronzing powders are the underdog. Charlotte Tilbury did lure me to buy her 'Filmstart Bronze and Glow' Face sculpt and highlight. In her videos she shows how easy it is to work this look, why not try it? Trust me, with this palette you won't look like you just visited Charlie's Chocolate Factory.

In this article I show you how I played with the sculpt and highlight palette. It was super fun and totally brightened up my day. 

Have a lovely day, evening, morning!

In love with the rose gold packaging. She really nailed the packaging of her line. So gorgeous!

It has a great big mirror, perfect for make up application.
On the back of the palette there are tips on how to use the sculpt and highlight. Super easy!
Pale little me. Normal face make up without bronzer and highlighter. On my lips I am wearing MAC 'Jubilee'.
Apply bronzer to the temples, under the jaw, in the hollows of your cheeks and even the sides of the nose.
My brush is from the new ZOEVA bamboo collection. It is the cream cheek brush. I loved the shape and it is so soft!

Highlight the top of the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, the bow of the lips, inner eye corner and underneath the brow bone.
The highlighter brush is also from the ZOEVA Bamboo collection, it is highlighter brush. For the inner corners of the eye, I used wing liner brush.
Finished! Bronze and glow by Charlotte Tilbury make me look like I just came back from a holiday at the beach. I love that it looks so natural. Oliver even complimented me and told me I looked 'healthy' haha! Normally I have a bit of the vampire look ;) Nothing wrong with being pale, though.


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  1. Julia Stopczyk2.4.15

    It's awesome! You look so lovely and (as Oliver said) healthy. :D

  2. Beautiful sisi i love make up... <3 *-*

  3. Joan Avant2.4.15

    Ah I just missed Charlotte Tilbury! She just came to do a presentation at my beloved North Park Mall in Dallas. But I had to work
    Lovely look though!
    p.s. My friends make vampire jokes about me often. Oh the whiteness... ;)

  4. I love bronzer and highlighter. Lately, I do not get out of my house without it. Desperatly needing summer :) (Although I can't actually stay at the beach for more than one hour, since it is a bit boring for me).

    You look beautiful as always. That new Zoeva brush, captivated my attention, too.


  5. Diego Balarezo3.4.15

    Please Video Tutorial

  6. Nimedhel3.4.15

    I really enjoy your blog posts about different brands and stuff! It's just a pity we can't have a video tutorial like I used to watch you do on your old Youtube channel. But ah well, it's still great to see those beautiful products you show us :D

  7. Sally Grey3.4.15

    Hahha. The oliver's comment makes me laugth louder.. Anyway that bronzer loves You 😙😙😃

  8. Eva Sêco3.4.15

    You really are an expert! I bet I would look like I came out of Willy Wonka's Factory after falling in the chocolate river!!!

    I never try this kind of make up, as I have rheumatoid arthritis and take prednisone everyday I think my face is too large to wear more make up than the usual bb foundation, eye liner and shadow and the dark lipsticks that I love.... But as I also am a little pale, maybe I'll first try to buy a cheap bronze and glow they are selling @ Primark and try your tips... I'll never know if it suits me if I don't try it at least for once.

    Thanks Smoon!

  9. Eva Sêco3.4.15

    SMOON!! I'd like to make a suggestion... I heard you gave up on your YouTube account because of the nasty comments... I don't know if that's the truth... But if it is, you can disable the comments and make your makeup tutorials to put in here!

  10. Victoria Calypso3.4.15

    You look gorgeous, Simone!
    And your contouring is really perfect. I prefer powder texture of highlighter and bronzer to the creamy texture. It's easier to apply and them and, of course, it looks more natural and can be used in everyday makeup.
    Please, make a post with your favorite makeup brushes. Cause sometimes even expensive brushes can have poor quality and it can be revealed only by using them at least a month.