Baby Audrey

by 14.8.15

Celine sunglasses are up and rising since quite some time now. Their most famous frame would be the Audrey. After trying on the classic Audrey, I decided to get the baby Audrey. Oliver said that the classic Audrey looked a bit like two big tv screens. That made me laugh. I love oversized sunglasses, but the classic Audrey was simply taking over my face too much for my liking. 

The lenses of the baby Audrey are 47 mm wide opposed to the 55mm from the Audrey. A better fit and no tv screens for me. If you like the shape of the Audrey, but also find them too big, the baby Audrey might be a good alternative. They come in a lot of great colors. If you want to switch up the classic black and add a dash of color, check them out.

The frame color of my Celine is a beautiful havana and the lenses are green. 
They are a bit on the heavier side, but these sunglasses are the ones I wear when I want to dress up. For a sporty occasion I mostly go for a different pair that I would be ok with if it were to fall off my face.

I got my Celines at:

The lipstick that I am wearing is Revlon 006 Really Red.

💋 Simone

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