Four Eyes - Dolce & Gabbana

by 4.10.15

Yes, I did it. I tried on a different brand of glasses. Being kind of obsessed by OITNB glasses that Alex is wearing, I wanted to try something similar. Black frames were a must. The frame of my old Ray Ban is semi-black and semi-brown. The scratches on the glasses where becoming annoying and I thought it was time to have my eyes checked again.

Numerous black frames passed by. Glossy, matt, cat-eyed, squared and more. The vintage ones were too much of a statement and would clash with some of my outfits and overall style. I wanted them to be casual, but still chique with a slight sixties feel. No weird embellishments and minimal extras. No animal prints or jewels. Black as black can be.

Dolce & Gabbana had the right frame for me. The Ray Bans that I tried were too similar to my old ones and I wanted to try something new. It didn't matter which brand they were from.

I love them!

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