Sweet Potato Brownie - Rens Kroes

by 7.12.15

Time for something yummy!

Now that I own both of Rens Kroes' Powerfood books, I can try out even more healthy and super tasty recipes.

I admit that I heard about the sweet potato brownies before and that I also made them two times. The idea of putting sweet potato in baked goods sounded a bit weird, but also made me want to try it. Vincent loves sweets and if I can make it in a healthier version, I'm in!

This brownie is so good! My whole family loves it and it is not even that hard to make. This is a brownie without eggs, butter and sugar. What?!

I divided the measurements by half, because I didn't have the right amount of sweet potato. When you are with a small crowd, or just want to make this for yourself, using half of all ingredients is great!

You can find the recipe here: www.renskroes.com/sweet-potato-brownies

Happy healthy baking!

💋 Simone

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