Glow baby, Glow

by 6.2.16

Highlighters/Illuminators have become my new favorite beauty item. As a mixed skin type of girl, I like a matte foundation and a good highlighter to give a healthy appearance to the skin.

In my daily make up routine, I always include a highlighter. For day time I love Moonstone by Becca and for the stage and glowy days I take Champagne Pop.

Highlighter is mostly applied to the high points of the face, which are: the cheek bones, under neath the eyebrow, the bridge and tip of the nose, the cupids bow and the inner corners of the eye. On my lazy days, I like to use it as an eye shadow as well.

Highlighting Tip:

If you want to intensify the glow you can either spray a face mist after you are done doing your base (I use MAC's Fix Plus), or wet the brush after you've put the highlighting powder on. If you are feeling extra fancy, you can also use a liquid or cream highlighter to then top it of with a highlighting powder.

Lately, I have been busy expanding my glow machines collection. My newest addition is 'Starlight' from Anastasia Beverly Hills. This is perfect for the pale ladies out there that can't handle the famous 'So Hollywood' that a lot of Insta Beauties have been glowing with.

Starlight is a pale white gold with a hint of pink iridescence to it. I put it next to Mary Lou Manizer and Becca's Moonstone for you to see a comparison. I even swatched them. ;) Starlight is the brightest of them all, but not the most pigmented. The pattern is too pretty to be touched, but I want that glow on my face.

Which are your favorite highlighters? Any of you into strobing?

Moonstone, Mary Lou, Starlight.


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