Pearl - Hyper

by 23.4.16

Being a world traveler, I need an extra battery to keep the mini office running all day (also known as smart phone). even when I am not near an electricity socket. 

While wandering through Schiphol, I passed by their electronics store where I jumped in to make a spontaneous purchase (which mostly is the case), a compact mirror battery pack with a LED ring light inside. Sounds great, and I can tell you that it actually is! 

It is a clever, technical device that also looks beautiful. Targeted at woman that like their electronics to have a more elegant look, Pearl is a great battery pack in the disguise of a compact mirror.
Available in five colors; pink, red, gold, silver and purple. 

The packaging is lovely, super sturdy and not even that heavy. Around 120 grams.
To protect the compact mirror battery pack (mouth full), you also get a pouch with it. Mine broke after opening the side pocket where you are supposed to put your cable in...  

To get it started, you first need to attach it to a power source. I used my laptop, but you can also use your phone charger as well.

- 3 in 1 tool, replaces two separate products
- Build in ring LED- Light
- A real eye catcher
- Works with iphone, ipad, android and any other usb powered device

- Light should be attached to the normal mirror, not the 3x magnifying one.
I prefer to look in the normal mirror, which means that you are lit from below and that is not very flattering. 
- Scratches easily
- Could have more than 3000 mAh

It retails for €35 at the shop in Schiphol. Online, prices may vary.


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