Coca Cola Red - Uslu Airlines

by 7.7.16

From all the shades of lipstick reds simply are my favorite. It brightens up any dull day. 
Being the rue red lipstick fanatic that I am, you can easily make me buy more...

I recently had the opportunity to browse through the make up drawers of a friend of mine. I came across one of the most beautiful shades of red that I have ever seen!
'Dillingham Airlfield' from Uslu Airlines. I've seen their nail polishes at Breuninger, but it never sparked an interest, until I saw this lipstick.

After some swatch marathon (which you could see on Snapchat), I really fell in love with it. From all the swatches, this one stood out the most and called for me. Not much later I found myself on their website and placed an order. 

A color that makes my heart beat faster and make my blue eyes pop. An orange based red that is super creamy and opaque. 

If you can read german, please check out the initiativ that Coca Cola made to make young women more aware of heart disease. My dad has a long history of heart disease as you might already know. I need to take care of mine as well because it is more and more common that young women also suffer from heart disease.

Another little fact is that my mother always wears red lipstick. This one is approved by the family ;)

Ps. Sorry for the the amount of lipstick posts. They are my current favorite beauty item to dress up a make up look ;)


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