Chit Chat #18 A New Year

by 4.1.17

Happy New Year everyone! May this one be filled with more happiness and joy than the last year. 2016 was a year with a lot of highs and lows. Too many tragedies took place close where to we felt safe. Too many tragedies happen without us even knowing about it. Fear settled in the hearts of a lot of people. We must not let fear take over our way of life. We should stay vigilant, but also remain kind toward each other. Help each other. Respect and love each other.  See each day that we get to live as a gift and don't take it for granted.

On a lighter note I'd like to write about my New Years Resolutions:
  • Work on my fitness
  • Become a better photographer
  • Cook challenging dishes
  • Don't clean the dishes
  • Pick up a musical project that is way overdue
  • Record an album for that special project
  • Fix the house
  • Work on my paper work...
  • Take more walks through the forest
  • Play more Mario Bros.
  • Blog more

A new year is always great to think about a new start. However, I find it important to think of each moment as a new start. If you don't succeed at first, give it another try. Like me and my Eggs Benedict. Poaching eggs is tricky, but I did it! That was one of the first resolutions that I worked on. Messy kitchen – check! I made fresh pizzas with my pizza maker, as well as an even messier kitchen – double check!

We are going to renovate our bath room and toilet in February. I painted a part of the house, cleaned out my closets, donated a lot of clothes, and I didn't clean the dishes (Oliver did). ;)

Let me know about your new year resolutions, the good the bad and the dirty dishes!

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