Throwback Thursday 'Lisbon'

by 25.1.18

These cold winter days make me long for summer even more.

Throwing it back to August last year where Vincent and I explored Lisbon together with our friends. It was a short holiday where we did sightseeing in the morning and visited the beaches in the afternoon. Kids love the sea and the mommies want to explore the city and drink espresso. Our holiday only lasted five days. We stayed at a lovely Airbnb apartment.

I fell in love with Lisbon and will for sure go back to explore this beautiful city even more!

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  1. Yes, doubts is a wonderful place.

  2. Anonymous25.1.18

    Your photos are beyond beautiful, you have a natural talent for photography and you should seriously consider making a book!! So glad you liked Lisbon and it's surroundings ( i see you went to Cascais)
    I sincerely hope you can comeback soon and enjoy the sun. Right now it's very sad because we have had lots of rain and cold weather but your photos warm the heart as I long for better days :)
    I hope Vincent enjoyed the beach and that you enjoyed it also.
    Hoping you comeback next summer and that Epica finds a spot for a summer festival like last year. Xoxo all the Best :)

  3. I'm looking forward for summer too! Longing for another holiday trip, explore new places and take many,many photos!📷 😁 Portugal is a beautiful country!! Love your photos from Lisbon so much!!!

  4. Lovely pictures indeed! Lisbon is very pretty but I'm from Braga, not that big of a city and Lisbon makes me feel confused.
    Which is strange because Bristol, Nottingham, Birmingham... I found them very cosy! I find Bristol vert similar to Porto. And beautiful and I think of it as a mid-term between Braga (3rd biggest city of this little and cute country) and Lisbon.

    Suggestion: I think you would love to visit Sintra! It's magical!

    1. Sintra is absolute magic and for a photography lover as Simone, I'm sure she would adore the Quinta da Regaleira.

  5. Simone, the National Palace of Pena ( also in Sintra, the one on top of the mountain) and the National Palace of Queluz are also worth a visit. Also not very far from Sintra there is the Convento de Mafra.