Throwback Thursday - Storm the Bucket -

by 8.2.18

Time for another Throwback Thursday. This time it is about the video recording from Storm the Sorrow. It remains my favourite video shoot to this day. It was the most challenging of all – I've poured a lot of blood, sweat, and pee into this. More on the pee, later. ;)

Like most video shoots, I get to do the most work. You will not hear me complain, because I LOVE video and photoshoots. They are part of the job and also some of my favourite things to do besides the singing and head banging I get to do on stage.

We ran into some difficulties with the wardrobe and that is the part where I want to give you the 'juicy' details. My white catsuit was custom made by the stylist just days before the shoot. They couldn't find anything that would fit our needs, so needle and thread it was.

The catsuit was going to be drenched in black paint by the end of the day. The tentacles were made just for the shoot by an awesome special effect artist. I tell you, I've never been spanked harder in my life... Some of the tentacles were being pulled by crew members and some of my band members. It happened a couple of times that they broke and spanked me '50 Shades of Grey-style'. Red cheeks for days. And I am not talking about the cheeks in my face. ;)

I found this photo during one of my clean up sessions in my office. It took me back to the recording days and all the memories came back to me. The good the bad and the gory. Are you ready?

This catsuit was sown onto me. There was no zipper and no way out, only if we cut it open. Women are know for their bladder problems. I am no different. The moment arrived where I had to pee, I just couldn't hold it any longer. My problem was that I was strapped to two poles with the tentacles and was in the middle of a scene. I was trapped in a slimy catsuit...

Luckily for me, there were some women on set that came with a bucket. All the guys left the set and I could somehow pull down the catsuit. I am not sure if we cut it open. My memory sometimes fails me. I peed into a bucket while looking the sexiest ever. ;) One of my most glamorous moments. So lady-like.

Oliver thought that I sing, "I've tried to pee into the car, but couldn't not storm the sorrow". This was before we recorded the video, before the 'Storm the Bucket' took place. Have a listen, you will hear it too.

The next time you watch the video or hear the song, it will never be the same now that you know I peed into a bucket and Oliver's 'misheard lyrics'. You might even catch me singing that line live if you listen closely.

Here is the link to one of my favourite Epica videos of all time: Storm the Sorrow

Taking a break and trying to stay warm.

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