Smells Like Home - Rituals

by 21.4.18

'Citrus bergamot blended with fresh apples and green accords of violet leaf and freesia. A perfectly balanced combination of dry woods of vetiver and cedar with amber, completes this graceful harmony.  Source from Rituals

Lately I have been having a lot of fun decorating the house. Keeping it as tidy as possible with a four-year-old that wants to create total chaos 24/7, can be somewhat of a struggle at times.

We've finally gotten our new couch and it changed the whole energy in the house! Pictures coming soon. Whereas in the past I would like to work behind my desk, I now sit in the living room. Who would have thought that a couch can do so much? We all love it!

My newest addition to our home are the 'Tangerine Tea' fragrance sticks from one of my favourite brands; Rituals. This divine scent, the elegant bottle, the white and the gold combined. I love it! It is incredibly stylish. The scent is very fresh and has a certain unisex feel to it. It smells of bergamot oil with the freshness of citrus, it is just like my cup of tea. 😉

Greedy me put both of the wooden sticks sets in at once. You are supposed to exchange the set after 2,5 months. I went in all the way! Don't regret it. The house smells great. If it becomes too overpowering, I will move them to the bathroom/toilet. I can imagine that it can become a bit too much when you are having dinner and all you smell are the fragrance sticks.

Now here's a little anecdote for you. When we were dining out once, Vincent came running back to our table. I thought he was going to feed me something so I opened my mouth, only to find out that he had grabbed the sticks out of a fragrance bottle... Dinner didn't taste that good anymore afterwards.

I don't recommend it to anyone. It is worse than accidentally spraying perfume in your mouth. This stuff is highly concentrated... Maybe this was karma for me. I once pranked Oli by feeding him chocolate easter eggs with the foil still on them to see if he 'blindly' trusts me. He still does btw. 😉

Scenty Simons signing off. 💋

€42,50 | 450 ml

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