Little Canon

by 26.6.18

Here is one of my favourite blogger/photography gadgets that makes photography much easier, especially when it comes to taking self portraits.

This Canon wireless remote control has been my trusty companion during my 8 years of blogging and creating the occasional self portrait.
At the moment I have two of these lying around in the house, because the first one went MIA for a while. I've attached a lanyard to them, so that they won't go missing and so that I can hang it around my neck when I need to have my hands free.

Whenever I am doing shoots with kids, I often let them take the picture by pressing the remote control. It is a fun little toy for them to play with and a great way to involve them in the creative process. They have a short attention span and this remote has been a great toy for them to help them stay focussed for more than 2 minutes, my son included ;)

Since cameras can be a bit intimidating for some people, it is great to step away from the camera and take the shot with the remoter control while you are talking to your subject to make them feel more at ease.

What is your favourite gadget?

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