Chit Chat 32# Berliner Tourists

by 27.7.19

Our second session at a Photo Booth. New day, new photos.

What do you do when your friend from New York tells you she is in Berlin? Well, you book a flight, a hotel room and pack your bag as fast as you can. Having some time off from touring enables me to spend more time with family and friends and I am enjoying it full force!

Raiza and I met each other through an Instagram post. She helped me many times through Youtube when I was struggling in the kitchen trying to make chocolate eclairs. We had dinner in New York I believe three years ago and kept in touch ever since.

I've been to Berlin many times, but this time around I have seen a lot more of the city.
It was super hot, but we made sure to make many ice cream and beer stops to keep us going. We did a little bit of shopping, but mainly had good talks and laughs. I have filled up my battery with great memories and it was great to take this spontaneous trip to spend time together. It was only 1,5 days, but we made sure to enjoy every second of it.

Berlin has so many faces and it is a huge city. I am glad to say that I will go back soon and Raiza and I will spend more time together in the near future (not in Berlin).

If you haven't seen it yet you can have a look at our first attempt at taking 4 photos: Photo Booth with Raiza We did a second one and Raiza has the photos, because you know I can't be trusted haha. My bloody handbag was too small and I didn't want to bend the pictures.... Well, now someone else might have them, or we ended up in the gutter hahah!

Another sad note is that my Fuji camera had focus problems. I send it to the repair centre. Fingers crossed it will be repaired asap. It feels so weird to send your camera to the doctor. Maybe other photographers can relate how it feels. Maybe I am just being too melodramatic, but when you go on a trip you really want to take some good quality photos and then your camera dies it simply sucks.

In the end the best camera is the one you have in your hands, which was Raiza phone and mine. Berlin is full of analog photo booths. Throw in a couple of euros and have some fun!

This guy had no idea. He is the star of the photo :)
Which one do you prefer mine of hers?

We were still blissfuly happy, until I discovered that I had lost our photos...

Still oblivious about the lost photos

Urban Spree is a great biergarten. It was a little bit tricky to find the entrance, though.

a hidden treasure

Mint chocolate chip, my fav!

Chen Che is the place to eat delicious food and have authentic Chinese Tea. Yummy!

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