Mermaid Make Up - Metal Cruise

by 8.2.20

What better opportunity to rock a mermaid make up look than on the 70K Metal Cruise?

Our second show on the cruise, was on the deck and it was the windiest EPICA show ever! Some people misread my Instagram caption... I wrote that it was the windiest show ever, and that I wasn't talking about my bowel movement, not implying that I was sick with the stomach flue. My bowel movement was perfectly ok, just my sinuses were completely closed.

I opted to wait my hair up in a ponytail, which was a first for me in the history of EPICA shows. From previous experiences, I knew that the shows on deck were a battle with my hair that was constantly flying in my mouth, nose and eyes. It felt a bit weird at first, but I was glad that I did it.
Headbanging was a bit of a challenge, but I just made other moves while trying not to be blown into the sea.

The show was magical, one of my favorites ever. I didn't mind the wind, nor the humid air. The sky was clear and the moon shown down on us. Our music was carried over the ocean.

My sequin dress was my inspiration for my make up. I wanted to create an Orange Blue look to compliment my outfit.

Products used:

KRYOLAN - Metallic Flakes in Copper
Urban Decay -  Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner 'Spandex'
L'Oréal Paris - Glitter Eyeliner '05 Blue Nova'
L'Oréal Paris - Eye Paint '105 Concrete Jungle'
Charlotte Tilbury - Lipliner 'Iconic Nude'
Revlon - Ultra HD 'Sand'

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