Chit Chat #36 Baden Baden

by 5.3.20

How I actually walk around town, but twenty bags. Looking like a proper tourist.

We had the loveliest time in beautiful Baden Baden. A little more than over an hour drive away from our home. Perfect for a family vacation weekend. We like it short and sweet, just like the overdose of chocolate content that is coming your way.

The hotel we stayed in was the Leonardo Royal, located only a couple hundred meters away from the city centre.
Check in time was 15.00, but since our room wasn't ready, we were given free drinks at the bar. Not bad!

We decided to stay in the hotel and explore the pool and sauna area. Of course, Vincent was more in the water than Oliver and me combined. He must have been a fish in his former life. No chance of getting him to come out of the water....

The restaurant at the hotel was fully booked for the night, but we were told that we could also order food at the bar. Perfect! Nice and quiet, except for the soccer game on the TV.

Off to bed to enjoy the whining of a dog not far from us. His owners left him alone in the room... We met the dog the next morning. He was twice Vincent's size. He looked like a samojede, but I am not 100% certain.

After a nice breakfast and a photoshoot in our room, we checked out of the hotel. Time to explore Baden Baden on a sunny Sunday.
We were incredibly lucky with the weather. It felt like spring! We walked through the Lichtentaler Allee. There were so many tourists that wanted to take photos of the flowers growing in the grass. From our point of view it looked a bit as if they were taking a number 2.... A funny sight to see.

Oliver spotted the beautiful café 'König'. We both agreed to pay a visit at the end of our day to enjoy some tasty cakes and more. Then we bumped into a Lindt Boutique, where we were stuck for quite a while. Oliver had his eye on the brownie (which was a bit dry), and I wanted to take photos of the magic chocolate ball. I ended up buying a couple chocolate 'balls'/Kugeln. My favourite Lindt chocolate is the 99% and the Dark Chocolate with Chili.

You can ever eat enough chocolate, right? That is what we thought and went straight to the patisserie 'König' to end our high calorie weekend in Baden Baden in style.

Have you ever been to Baden Baden? I can totally recommend it!

I could stare at this chocolate ball for all eternity.
All shops closed. Better for my wallet ;)
Time to go home again.
Goodbye Baden Baden, until next time!

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