KVD Vegan Beauty

by 17.12.20

A new 'Makeup Monday' is now live on my IGTV. This time, featuring the KVD Vegan Beauty stunning 'Lolita por Vida' palette'. This palette has been on my wishlist for such a long time! The main reason why I bought this is because of one eyeshadow: Sonrisa.  I thought it was a bit over the top to buy a whole eyeshadow palette for just one eyeshadow.... So, I decided to wait and caved in when it was Glamour Shopping Week and bought it at SEPHORA

It turns out that I love more than just that one particular color. This is such a gorgeous and unique eyeshadow palette, unlike anything that I have in my collection. It made me fall in love with eyeshadows again. Even though we don't have any shows at the moment, I still like to experiment with eyeshadows and try not to do the same look every day. 

At this moment when our eyes have to do the talking, it is the perfect time to accentuate them even more. So, dig out those fancy eyeshadows and start to experiment! 

Preciosa, Sonrisa and Amorcito 


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