Bobbi Brown Luxe Eyeshadow

by 6.8.21

Oops, I did it again. My heart started to beat a little faster after seeing so many people wearing 'Moonstone' from Bobbi Brown.....

I don't own any Bobbi Brown eyeshadows, with the exception of some long wear cream shadow sticks.
One of the deals that I made with myself is to not buy any more eyeshadows.... You can guess how that went haha. Once a beauty junkie, always beauty junkie.

There is beauty in the number three... So I got three eyeshadow colours.... Actually, I got two but was gifted a third one. 

Aren't they gorgeous? The formula, the sparkle the packaging..... They even come with a little mirror on the inside. The packaging looks like a gold bar. 

I swatched these babies for you in direct sunlight and shadow. In my recent Reel, I am wearing Moonstone on my lids. There is a little fallout when you apply these. I would recommend to wet the brush a bit with a setting spray for more intensity and longevity. 

Price: €40,00 

Moonstone, Melting Point and High Octane in direct sunlight.  

 Moonstone, Melting Point and High Octane in the shadow


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