Christmas Cookies

by 25.12.21


These Christmas cookies were a huge hit with my boys! They are from Emmas Goodies. You can find the link here: YouTube 

All I did differently was that I've added some extra salted peanuts on top of the chocolate. Like this they tasted even more like Snickers :) Snowball Snicker Cookies. 

These are already the second batch that I made. They turned out more photogenic than the first batch haha! They are not really a sight for soar eyes, but they are delicious! You do need a little patience when you make these. After you've made the dough and shaped them into little balls, you have to place the freezer for 2 hours! 

Best start early in the morning, so you can enjoy them during tea/coffee time in the afternoon :)

Did you guys bake any holiday cookies this season?

I want to wish you happy holiday and a easy transition into the new year! 2022 sounds like a good year to me!



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