Best of Beauty 2021 - Body

by 15.2.22


Starting the Best of Beauty 2021 - Body with my favourite shower/bath products. I LOVE the L'Occitane Amande series. Last year, I discovered that this line also has a bath milk! Normally, I don't like to smell like food, but for almonds I will make a exception ;) For the shower oil, I always buy the refill and I also have a tiny little travel bottle that I can refill for whenever I am traveling. The scrub has small almond particles so no micro plastic will be going down the drain. 

See any thing familiar? Yes! I am still using the Soft Oil Balea body cream, after all those years! I still love it till today! It is just perfect! Only little downside is that you can leave little oil/grease stains on light clothing and tables etc ;) I love to use this to give my arms and legs some glow. It smells divine and works wonders on my dry skin. 

The Kneip Winter Edition shower gel is so soft and warm. It smells like a warm blanket feels haha! I am not a vanilla fan, but this is very subtle and not overly sweet. I have also used the shower foam from this, but I can't seem to find it anywhere anymore. 

Weleda Skin Food 'Body Butter'. Oliver loves to use Weleda Skin Food for his face and I also love to use the lip oil. The face cream is a bit too rich for me. This body butter is perfect for winter, when my legs are dry like the sahara....

Last is the face! I have discovered La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra cream. My cheeks and under eye have been so dry and this does the trick. There is no perfume in it, I love the packaging. I accidentally bought the night cream, when I was in a hurry and found out later at home that I bought the wrong one haha! 

Never forget sunscreen! The best anti ageing product ;) I wear this every day! Listen to me; your skin will thank you ;) I like to use the Nivea Q10 spf 50. I love the scent and it doesn't break me out. There is one that is more targeted for my skin (combination) that has a matte finish, but it doesn't sit nice on the skin. 

Last is Vichy Normaderm Anti Age. My friend, who is a makeup artist, recommended this to me for break outs. I have been using it religiously ;) This is the best out of the whole line. I also use a scrub from this line that is really good. I forgot to put it in the picture haha ;) 

The very last product that I also forgot to take a photo of is the Eubos hand cream. I also still repurchase this many years after creating my first blog post showing the hand cream. 

What skin/body products do you swear by and have repurchased time after time?



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