Smells like Smoonstyle #16 BYREDO

by 13.6.22

Guess which perfumes I took with me during our tour in Mexico? The lovely 'La Selection Nomade' set from BYREDO. 3 amazing scents in a small size, perfect for travel! Well, to be exact, I took only the Bal D'Afrique with me. 

I started with Mojave Ghost and Blanche and fell in love with Bal D'Afrique sample that I had to get the Nomade set. It contains Blanche and Bal D'Afrique in 12 ml travel size. That is why I love these sample sets. It is a great way to get to know a brand. I also own another set, La Boisée, because of my first love with Byredo: Mojave Ghost. 

La Sélection Nomade is a great fit with me. Two of my favorite scents in one set. I only take small perfume refills and travel sized perfumes with me. Less weight, but like this I can still take a couple of my favourite scents with me. 

Bal D'Afrique Notes

Top: African Marigold, Bergamot, Buchu

Heart: Cyclamen, Violet

Base: Moroccan Cedarwood, Vetiver

Bal D'Afrique has such a delightful, fresh scent that is an absolute good mood transformer. I love cedar wood and vetiver. Some of my preferred notes. As I am writing this, half of the bottle is empty. If I smell it now, it reminds me of our Tour in Mexico. 

Next travels, I will take Blanche with me. Which is one of BYREDO's most popular scents. It reminds me of one of my friends, that wore this scent many years. 

Do you know BYREDO? The set is currently sold out at DOUGLAS, but will be back in stock soon!



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